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Labour MP Docherty brands local Community Council as snobs and nimbys

Thomas Docherty has courted controversy since he was elected as Labour MP for Dunfermline and West Fife in 2010. He certainly has a novel approach to winning friends and influencing people.

First of all, he had a go at certain of his fellow MPs whose attire, he felt was too casual for the Commons.

Then he was a leading voice in the campaign to have a statue of Tony Blair at Westminster.

During my four years working for Willie Rennie when he was Dunfermline’s MP, I can safely say that neither of these issues were ever raised with him by one …

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Opinion: David Laws takes another step on the road to redemption

Last night, despite the rather unpleasant efforts of a handful of Labour backbenchers to throw stones from an already rather damaged greenhouse, the House of Commons overwhelmingly passed a motion proposing six members to form the Joint Committee to scrutinise the draft Financial Services Bill.

Usually, such motions are passed without a murmur, especially as the nominees are proposed by the various political parties. However, on this occasion, the presence of David Laws, the former Chief Secretary to the Treasury, drew the ire of, amongst others, Thomas Docherty, the Labour MP for Dunfermline and West Fife, and John Mann, …

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“Labour candidate in court on careless driving charge”

The Herald reports:

A Labour candidate in a key target seat is to appear in court next month after being charged with careless driving.

Thomas Docherty, who is fighting the marginal Dunfermline and West Fife constituency, is alleged to have skipped a red light on June 18 last year, at Carnegie Drive in Dunfermline…

He is trying to win back a constituency his party lost to the Liberal Democrats in a by-election in 2006. Labour won the seat at the 2005 General Election with a majority of more than 11,500.

You can read the full story here.

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    Great reply. Even better that Liam's note to Danny and his reply. However, to have real effect it needs to get in the national news...