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Daily View 2×2: 2 September 2009

Well, that’s it. August is over, nights are drawing in, it’s downhill to Christmas, and LDV’s daily 2×2 slot that’s more-or-less been on hold over the summer returns to its more-or-less 8am schedule to bring you two top news stories and two must-read blog posts from the world of Lib Demmery.

With just 120 days till the end of the year, 2nd September is the day the Great Fire of London broke out in 1666, the day Thomas Telford died in 1834, and Salma Hayek’s birthday. Happy birthday, Miss Hayek!

Two top stories

PM’s role in release of Megrahi

Gordon Brown

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  • User AvatarAdrian PR 28th Apr - 11:09am
    William Hobhouse writes: > ...Labour would not be in the frame without the SNP, and The Lib Dems have > ruled that out... if this...
  • User AvatarTCO 28th Apr - 11:09am
    @Ben Gardner I think you do Labour voters a disservice if you don't believe they are interested in the economy. After all, most of them...
  • User Avatariain bb 28th Apr - 11:06am
    If we look at the Danish example our friends in Radical Venstre formed a government with the Social Democrats even though they were the second...
  • User AvatarRichard Harris 28th Apr - 11:02am
    Get a screen shot for goodness sake - you press the Print Screen key on the keyboard and paste it into word - before it...
  • User AvatarBen Gardner 28th Apr - 10:59am
    TCO/Judy - I appreciate that when you look at the details of the manifesto that there's a lot of progressive, good social democratic stuff. But...
  • User AvatarShaun Young 28th Apr - 10:50am
    He talks about 'Rights', when he and his party vote against 'Equality' for the LGBT community in NI, who are again refused equality that the...