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By-election roundup for 10 December 2009

We’ll update this post as new info comes in.

Bearsden South's new Councillor Ashay Ghai with Jo Swinson MP

East Dunbartonshire Council, Bearsden South

Lib Dem gain from Conservatives
The results of this STV election in full:

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  • User AvatarDavid Evans 28th Nov - 2:19pm
    As Jo Grimond said ...
  • User AvatarDavid Evans 28th Nov - 2:19pm
    @Denis Loretto - As Jo Grimond, liberals should be on the side of the governed, not the governing. Nick's unwillingness to do this when in...
  • User AvatarManfarang 28th Nov - 2:16pm
    Tez “Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.” As I said get to the library.
  • User AvatarWilliam Summers 28th Nov - 2:15pm
    Building more homes is laudable and necessary. However I think there is a certain irony with Lib Dems calling for honesty in the housing debate...
  • User AvatarPaul Walter 28th Nov - 2:14pm
    The need for reconnection with 2010 voters is somewhat over-simplistic. Some may not support us in a month of Sundays, and I don't think it...
  • User AvatarT-J 28th Nov - 2:07pm
    The construction of new homes has to happen, but the critics here are right - we won't solve anything by perpetuating the buy to let...