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Absolutely any Liberal Democrat party member is welcome to get involved with Lib Dem Voice, and we especially welcome opinion articles. These should be original pieces of writing, not previously published elsewhere. Please see our Write for us page for more details.

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Lib Dem Voice does not belong to any supposed wing of the party: it is a neutral platform where the views of all members are welcome, both as articles and comments. The site’s editorial team comprises a diverse range of party members, each of whom is free to put forward their own views while maintaining an overall balance of coverage. Queries or complaints about the balance of coverage can be directed to the Editor.

LDV alumni

Grateful thanks to all those who’ve taken editorial responsibility for LibDemVoice since it was founded in 2006:

  • Mark Pack, Co-founder and Co-Editor (2006-13)
  • Mark Valladares (2011-14)
  • Andy Boddington (2013)
  • Prateek Buch (2011-12)
  • Iain Roberts (2009-11)
  • Richard Huzzey (2006-10)
  • Alix Mortimer (2008-09)
  • Will Howells (2006-08)
  • Rob Fenwick, Founding Editor (2006-07)

Recent Comments

  • User AvatarAlistair 27th Jun - 1:26pm
    how democratic is it that the Tories can delay electing a PM til autumn and only 0.33 % of electorate have a say?
  • User AvatarAlistair 27th Jun - 1:22pm
    J Dunn, Brexit has not redistributed any wealth from UK rich to UK poor. It has only destroyed value. I live in a Blue area...
  • User AvatarCatherine Jane Crosland 27th Jun - 1:18pm
    Paul Barker, its true in a way that "votes are only binding until the next one". But usually the next vote is several years later....
  • User AvatarRichard Underhill 27th Jun - 1:14pm
    The resignation of the British Commissioner leaves a gap, which Liberal Democrats should consider filling, preferably without causing a bye-election, (before the SNP do).
  • User AvatarCatherine Jane Crosland 27th Jun - 1:12pm
    Thanks, Matt
  • User AvatarAlex Macfie 27th Jun - 1:09pm
    By the logic of Catherine's argument that we should just "accept the decision of the majority", Parliamentary oppositions should not vote against government legislation as...