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The most unlikely by-election candidate suggestion so far

So you’re thinking of running a candidate against David Davis because you support 42 days detention without trial. And you think it would be a good idea for that person to be the victim of an act of terrorism. Who do you think of? Umm … in this case, someone who has actually been a persistent and vocal opponent of 42 days detention without trial. Genius.

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Davis: I quit to stop Tory U-turn on 42 days

In the first hour after David Davis quit as an MP last Thursday, I suggested the reason underpinning his decision:

Mr Davis recognised that the Tories’ influential neo-cons in the shadow cabinet, George Osborne and Michael Gove, would much rather have backed the Government over 42 days: only tactical considerations of defeating Labour in the Commons persuaded they and Mr Cameron to rally behind Mr Davis’s stand. But none of them, it seems, wanted to fight the proposal through the House of Lords, and try and defeat it again when it returns to the Commons.

Now David Davis has come as …

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Opinion: Why we should stand against David Davis

It is no secret to any regular reader of the comments on these pages that I am bitterly disappointed by the decision that the Liberal Democrats will not be standing against David Davis in the upcoming by-election in Haltemprice & Howden. Often in the heat of debate points get lost and come out half-formed and therefore I think it is worth taking the time to step-back a little.

Whatever we may think of the decision Davis took and its motivations some fundamental points need to be made against the position put forward by the leadership. Simon Hughes says in his …

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Four pieces of mostly unconnected news

One: Mark Penn, formerly of Hilary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, tells people in US that it was he who ran Labour’s 2005 general election campaign. I suspect that’d be news to quite a few in the Labour Party. Such as those who ran it.

Two: Alun Cairns, a Conservative Welsh Assembly member, quits post after insulting Italians.

Three: Kelvin MacKenzie needs a crash course in the law if he isn’t to end up in jail for accepting illegal overseas donations.

Four: there’s a very high chance* that support for the Conservative Party has fallen since just before and just after David Davis’s …

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Down and dirty with the tabloid press

Kelvin MacKenzie’s phone must be in meltdown. Good! BURN him, BURN him! Ahem. The former Sun editor and fervent supporter of a 42-day detention limit has indicated that he will stand against David Davis in the forthcoming Haltemprice (how quickly we’ve all learned to spell that) & Howden by-election – putting many Lib Dems into the extraordinary position of not only hoping David Davis wins, but actively considering hitting the doorsteps to help him do it.

Yes, yes, Davis is a distinctly unreliable “libertarian” with some nasty socially conservative stances, but who can resist the idea of kicking Rupert Murdoch in the nuts? For

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What do party members in Haltemprice & Howden think?

Last night’s local fundraising dinner was, as it turns out, remarkably well timed, and this is what members made of it all,

“All I think I can say in summary is that although there will be many in party upset by our decision not to oppose Davis, judging from last night’s gathering, the local party in Haltemprice & Howden felt the right decision had been made.”


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What the papers say about David Davis

Daily Telegraph: Tensions with David Cameron lay behind David Davis’s resignation
The Economist: Davis blows his top
Financial Times: Going out in a blaze of glory
The Guardian: Tories in turmoil as David Davis resigns over 42-day vote
This is London: Tories in Turmoil
The Times: David Cameron moves to limit the damage as his old foe does the inexplicable

Headline not spotted: “David Cameron pulls off political masterstroke”

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