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Andrew Mitchell

* Mark Pack is Party President and Co-leader of the party. He is editor of Liberal Democrat Newswire.


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  • User AvatarChristopher Love 3rd Jun - 2:27pm
    1) How much longer do Cons. & Labour continue the Class War? Is that really what's best for the UK? Freedom from inequality (of opportunity)...
  • User AvatarMargaret 3rd Jun - 2:21pm
    I don't want the leadership candidates, whoever they are, to be assessed on how they talk about policy (which, if you're not careful turns into...
  • User AvatarSue Sutherland 3rd Jun - 2:19pm
    Well Adrian I think the last few comments have proved you right, we do love to have discussions about Lib Dem history and leaders. It’s...
  • User Avatarn hunter 3rd Jun - 2:15pm
    The Tories are masters of spin,secrecy etc. Hancock ,I will believe him when he shows proof. Statistics! You pick them that reinforces your view. Mogg!...
  • User Avatarn hunter 3rd Jun - 1:53pm
    James Baillie .Will you be bring this up in the coming video conference? It could be a way of attracting future voters.
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 3rd Jun - 1:36pm
    @ JoeB, Thanks for that link. There's nothing in the account what anyone said that seems particularly controversial. It's good that the jolt to the...