20 November – “let’s be careful out there…”

So, thank you for taking some of your time to join us here at Liberal Democrat Voice today. Perhaps because I don’t take politics quite as seriously as some, I’m minded to end the day on a more relaxed note. So, in a nod to today’s Transgender Day of Remembrance, here’s a US band called “Cab Ride Home”, with lead singer Danica Roem, the first out transgender person to be elected and successfully take up her seat in a State Assembly.

The quote, again for the benefit of our slightly younger readers, is from “Hill Street Blues”, a U.S. police drama …

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Ten reasons why we wrote Fourth to First

I confess to knowing very little about anything – in particular political campaigning. But one thing I can talk about at length is how we did it in a small rural patch of North Norfolk (six shops, four pubs, two petrol stations and zero towns), going from fourth position last time to first in May 2017 with a majority of 420.

It was the first time I’d fought a campaign from start to finish, and it was quite a ride. So much so that Freya, my sister and campaign manager, and I decided to write a book about …

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Paradise Papers: perhaps tax ought to be more taxing?…

Older readers may remember me, the first face of the Inland Revenue, as voiced by Sir Alec Guinness. I may be a distant memory, but I never left my desk.

The news in the lead up to this week’s Budget has been coloured by the Paradise Papers, as noted by David Becket in the comments sections when they first hit the headlines, who wondered why they haven’t been covered here. Well, in truth, tax policy is quite dull, and the issue of taxation of overseas holdings is rather more complex than is thought.

Here …

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This week in the Lords: 20-24 November… how much is that doggy in the window?

It’s a long week, although we’re not expecting much drama in terms of voting until the New Year. The next few weeks are about clearing the decks whilst the EU Withdrawal Bill weaves its increasingly uncertain way through the House of Commons.

Monday sets the tone, with only Day 5 of the Committee Stage of the Data Protection Bill on the legislative agenda. There is an oral question from Dee Doocey on the impact of the UK’s exit from the EU Open Skies Agreement on the UK’s tourism industry. Will the Minister have …

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A message from the Chair of LGBT+ Liberal Democrats

* Editorial note: as indicated earlier, all comments on this piece will be moderated before publication.

Today, as always on the 20th of November we at LGBT+ Lib Dems, along with many other organisations around the world, are observing Transgender Day of Remembrance. This is the twentieth year when one of the biggest events in the LGBT+ calendar is not a celebration, but a commemoration of those who have been taken from us by violence. You can find the list of names for this and previous years here. TDoR is always sombre, commemorating as it does the deaths of trans …

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Welcome to my day – 20 November… the Transgender Day of Remembrance

A rather more sombre opening to this Monday, in deference to the day being marked today. To be honest, I’m not proposing to add much to that introduction, as I suspect that I wouldn’t have much of value to add.

There will be an article dedicated to the day, and I would ask any commenters to show due respect to our transgender friends and colleagues. Please note that I will not show much tolerance to any transphobes who might be minded to offer us the “benefit” of their supposed wisdom. Take it somewhere

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LibLink: Jo Swinson on “Sexual harassment: a chance for change”

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Jo Swinson has published an article on Medium titled “Sexual harassment: a chance for change“. She writes:

Many people have been shocked by recent revelations about the extent of sexual harassment in politics. Sadly to many of us it does not come as a shock, but we have welcomed the focus on a persistent problem that has too often been trivialised or ignored. Some sections of the media have — without any sense of irony — provided illustrative answers to the endless questions about why victims hesitate to come forward to tell their story. While it is depressing still to be having these conversations in 2017, it is also an opportunity — let’s welcome this scrutiny and turn it into a positive force for change.

A cross-party working group in Parliament to create an independent grievance procedure and provide better advice and support for those who experience bullying and harassment met for the first time this week. As the Liberal Democrat MP on that group, I am determined that the outcome should be sufficiently broad to protect people in constituencies and in Parliament, as well as ordinary members of the public.

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  • User AvatarAndy Daer 21st Nov - 5:38am
    TCO, the fact that people will squeal is exactly why we need to urge politicians to grasp this particular nettle. [And you will be relieved...
  • User AvatarOnceALibDem 21st Nov - 12:42am
    I think the first appearance of thrash metal on these hallowed pages should not pass un-remarked upon :-)
  • User AvatarGraham Evans 20th Nov - 11:38pm
    Many of the tax loopholes which are exploited by the rich arise because governments use the tax system to influence behaviour, not simply as a...
  • User AvatarGraham Evans 20th Nov - 11:10pm
    @ Lawrence Cox I think the last think we need is a referendum on how we fund social care. As the Brexit referendum demonstrated, because...
  • User Avatarfrankie 20th Nov - 10:50pm
    Remember this my brave Brexiteers But a spokeswoman for the Brexit department said in a statement: "No decisions have been taken about the location of...
  • User AvatarEddie Sammon 20th Nov - 10:42pm
    Businesses should be taxed where they are actually based. Do all these people really have businesses in the Cayman islands? We need to toughen up...