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ALDC By-Election Report – 18th July

The first principal council by elections since our amazing General Election result too place this week. Four elections were held. We stood a Lib Dem candidate in all 4 and moved forwards in a number of places.

We had a tough defence in Argyll and Bute Council, in Kintyre and the Islands ward. We had finished 3rd and picked up a councillor in the ward the 2022 local elections. This time, despite increasing our share of first preference votes, we were unable to hold the seat. Thank you so much to Douglas MacDonald for standing for us here. The SNP gained the seat in the fifth round of counting.

Argyll and Bute Council, Kintyre and the Islands
SNP: 728 (45%, +15%)
Conservative: 322 (19%, +9.5%)
Independent: 322 (19%, new)
Liberal Democrats (Douglas MacDonald): 281 (17%, +1%)
Freedom Alliance: 25 (1%, new)

There were two by-elections in Newham LBC on Thursday, and we moved forwards in both.

In Little Ilford ward we finished an impressive 3rd place and increased our vote share as all other parties (Conservative, Labour and Green) saw their vote share fall. Well done and thank you to Akm Rahman for standing for us in this election and improving our performance.

Thank you to James Alan-Rumsby for standing in Beckton ward, which we did not contest in the previous election. A great effort to stand a candidate and make sure Lib Dem votes are counted.

Labour held both seats, despite a strong challenge from a local residents party.

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ALDC by-election report, 9th May

The first by-election of 2024/25 electoral cycle took place this week in North Ayrshire.

It follows a brilliant set of local election results for our party as we won 522 seats (with a net gain of 104) and pushed the Conservatives into third place in the overall result.

We also gained 3 seats in local council by-elections held on 2 May which took our total net gains in the 2023/24 by-election cycle to 28. By far and away the best performance of any party with the Green Party in a distant second place with 8. Both the Conservatives and Labour have gone backwards in by-elections over the past year.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to everyone who has stood or campaigned in a by-election this year to contribute to our excellent results.

In the North Ayrshire by-election this week we contested Kilwinning ward. Thank you to Ruby Kirkwood for flying the flag for the Lib Dems here and achieving an increase in our vote share. Labour gained the ward from the Conservatives in the final result.

North Ayrshire Council, Kilwinning
Labour: 2171 (54.3%, +8.3%)
SNP: 916 (22.9%, -12%)
Conservative: 619 (15.5%, -0.1%)
Liberal Democrats (Ruby Kirkwood): 154 (3.9%, 0.5%)
Scottish Family Party: 136 (3.4%, new)

A full summary of all results can be found on the ALDC by-elections page here.

Included on this page are the by-elections we won on 2 May (full results from the rest of the 71 by-elections on 2 May will follow soon). There were some great results here including a gain from the Green Party on Torridge DC and gains from the Conservatives in Leicestershire CC and Huntingdonshire DC.

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ALDC by-election Report 25th April

The final 2 council by-elections of the 23/24 civic year took place this week.

In Scotland, there was a by-election on Angus Council in Arbroath West, Letham & Friockheim ward. Thank you to Sandra O’Shea for not only standing for the Liberal Democrats here but working hard to secure an increase in Lib Dem vote share and a healthy 333 votes. The by-election was caused by the resignation of an Independent councillor. With no Independent standing this time the Conservatives gained the seat.

Thank you once again to Sandra and the local Lib Dem team in Angus for working so hard and moving the Lib Dems forwards here.

Angus Council, Arbroath West, Letham & Friockheim
Conservative: 1682 (41.9%, +10.5%)
SNP: 1175 (29.3%, -6.9%)
Labour: 644 (16.1%, +9.6%)
Liberal Democrats (Sandra O’Shea): 333 (8.3%, +3.9%)
Green Party: 176 (4.4%, +1.1%)

In Wales, there was a by-election on Cardiff Council in Grangetown ward. Thank you to James Bear for flying the Lib Dem flag in this election and making sure Lib Dem voters had someone representing them on the ballot.

Labour held the seat with a reduced vote share.

Cardiff Council, Grangetown
Labour: 1470 (47.5%, -5.6%)
Plaid Cymru / Green: 573 (18.5%, -9.3%)
Conservative: 387 (12.5%, +3.5%)
Propel: 292 (9.4%, +6.2%)
Independent: 205 (6.6%, new)
Liberal Democrats (James Bear): 123 (4%, -0.9%)
Independent: 44 (1.4%, new)

A full summary of all results can be found on the ALDC by-elections page here.

Next week there are over 70 principal council by-elections that have been called to coincide with local election polling day. Some are ‘double vacancies’ in wards that have existing local election contests. ALDC will report the results of these by-elections in the week following the local election and results will be recorded on our by-election results webpage.

Good luck to everyone standing in a by-election or local election contest next week.

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ALDC by-election Report, 18th April

There were 3 principal council by-elections this week. Two on Thursday and a rare election on Tuesday. Just like last week our Lib Dem candidates secured an excellent win and an extremely close second place in the elections we contested on Thursday.

Our win came on East Cambridgeshire DC in Ely West ward. The was a Lib Dem defence. Congratulations to Councillor Ross Trent and the East Cambridgeshire team for not only holding the ward but doing so by increasing our vote share by over 10%!

East Cambridgeshire DC, Ely West
Liberal Democrats (Ross Trent): 1125 (47.9%, +10.6%)
Conservative: 760 (32.2%, +10.3%)
Labour: 466 (19.8%, -2.7%)

We also contested the seat of Farnham Castle on Waverley BC. Despite not standing here in the last election Lib Dem candidate Theresa Meredith-Hardy finished second and was only 28 votes off winning – securing 30% of the vote and pushing Labour into third. This is a truly exceptional result and reward for the hard work put in by Theresa and the Waverley Lib Dem team. You’ll get it next time!

Waverley BC, Farnham Castle
Farnham Residents: 307 (32.5%, -17.6%)
Liberal Democrats (Theresa Meredith-Hardy): 279 (29.6%, new)
Labour: 217 (23%, -11.7%)
Conservative: 141 (14.9%, -0.2%)

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ALDC by-election Report, 11th April

There were just 2 principal council by-elections last week. Both were Liberal Democrat defences fought in difficult or unusual circumstances. However in both elections the Lib Dem candidates and campaign teams did themselves proud and achieved superb results.

We start in North Yorkshire Council where we successfully held Stray, Woodlands and Hookstone ward following the resignation of an Independent councillor elected as a Lib Dem.

Congratulations to Councillor Andrew Timothy and the local Lib Dem team on winning and  retaining the ward so decisively with a majority of over 400 and 43% of the vote. An impressive feat to uphold our majority with a larger set of party candidates than before. A marvellous win for the Lib Dems in North Yorkshire.

North Yorkshire Council, Hookstone Woodland and Stray
Liberal Democrats (Andrew Timothy): 1094 (43%, -7.8%)
Conservative: 768 (30.8%, -4%)
Green Party: 376 (15.1%, new)
Reform UK: 141 (5.7%, new)
Labour: 116 (4.6%, -2.6%)

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ALDC By-election Report 4th April

As we get nearer to the local elections on 2 May the number of by-elections is naturally reducing a bit. However there is still a steady stream of by-elections each week between now and May that we will continue to report on. There were 3 principal council by-elections this week – including yet another Lib Dem victory.

Our win came on Cornwall Council where we held Looe West, Pelynt, Lansallos & Lanteglos ward. Congratulations to our new Councillor Jim Candy and Cornwall Lib Dems for holding the seat.

Cornwall Council, Looe West, Pelynt, Lansallos & Lanteglos
Liberal Democrats (Jim Candy): 604 (45%, -16%)
Conservative: 414 (31%, +1%)
Labour: 254 (19%, +11%)
Green Party: 75 (6%, new)

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By-election success – 28th March

We have not received a by-election report directly from ALDC today – it is a Bank Holiday, after all – but they have given the results on their website.

Somerset Council, Somerton

Liberal Democrats (Stephen Page): 1212 (50.1%, -1%)
Conservative: 878 (36.3%, -2.2%)
Labour: 174 (7.2%, -0.5%)
Green Party: 154 (6.4%, new)

Liberal Democrat HOLD

Many congratulations to Stephen Page and the campaign team.

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ALDC by-election Report 21st March

There were 4 principal council by-elections on Thursday night. The Liberal Democrats stood candidates in 3 of them and there was a lot of success to enjoy with a superb gain from the Conservatives and really good performances in places where we did not stand in the previous election.

Our gain came on Cambridgeshire County Council in Yaxley and Farcet ward. Here Councillor Andrew Wood overturned a 700 vote Conservative majority to win in a close three way contest. The win also makes the Lib Dems the largest group on the Council which was balanced at 22 councillors each for us and the Conservatives. We now have 23 to their 21 and continue to run the council as a joint administration with Labour and Independents. Congratulations to Councillor Wood and the Cambridgeshire Lib Dem team.

Cambridgeshire CC, Yaxley and Farcet
Liberal Democrats (Andrew Wood): 509 (31%, +5.6)
Conservative: 470 (28.6%, -28.3%)
Independent: 448 (27.3%, new)
Labour: 175 (10.6%, -7.1%)
Green Party: 42 (2.6%, +2.6%)

In the East Midlands, we contested Heckington Rural ward of North Kesteven District Council and finished a very strong third place having not stood here in the previous elections. Well done to Lib Dem candidate Susan Hislop for winning over 27% of the vote and finishing just 80 votes behind the winning Conservative candidate. From not standing last time that is an amazing accomplishment and puts us in a great position for the next election. Well done again to Susan and the team.

North Kesteven DC, Heckington Rural
Conservative: 425 (36.7%, -27.0%)
Independent: 369 (29.2%, new)
Liberal Democrats (Susan Hislop): 345 (27.3%, new)
Labour: 123 (9.6%, -29.3%)

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ALDC by-election report 14th March

This week has been a quiet one for principal council by-elections with just two being contested – including a resounding win.

We were defending Cricklade and Latton ward on Wiltshire Council. Not only did newly elected Councillor Nick Dye hold the ward for the Lib Dems – he did it in some style. Increasing the Lib Dem vote share by 14% and taking a staggering 76% of the vote. Considering the Conservatives, Labour and the Green Party all stood that is a truly impressive result. Congratulations to Councillor Dye and the whole Lib Dem team in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire UA, Cricklade and Latton
Liberal Democrats (Nick Dye): 1030 (76%, +13.9%)
Conservative: 253 (18.7%, -19.2%)
Labour: 45 (3.3%, new)
Green Party: 27 (2%, new)

The other by-election this week was on Lancaster City Council where the Green Party retained Castle ward. Thank you to Cormac Evans for flying the flag for us here and making sure that Lib Dem supporters were represented in the election.

Lancaster City Council, Castle
Green Party: 524 (65%, +6.4%)
Labour: 212 (26.3%, -3%)
Conservative: 43 (5.3%, -1.8%)
Liberal Democrats (Cormac Evans): 27 (3.3%, -1.7%)

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ALDC by-election report 29th February

It has been rare leap year by-election week. Thursday’s 5 council by-elections were the first to be held on February 29th since 1996 and though they were a mixed set of results we can still celebrate 2 excellent Lib Dem wins – and the fact that we stood in every single contest.

There were 2 by-elections on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council in Minster & Woodmansey and Tranby wards, both of which were Lib Dem defences. We recorded stonking victories in both of them thanks to a brilliant effort from the local team.

Councillor Tony Henderson held Minster & Woodmansey ward with over 50% of the vote and a majority of over 700, moving the Lib Dem share of the vote forwards by 9% too.

In Tranby ward Councillor Ross Harrison received 55% of the vote and a majority of 550. The Lib Dem vote share increased by 4%.

Congratulations to Tony, Ross and the Lib Dem team in the East Riding of Yorkshire on two brilliant wins!

East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Minster and Woodmansey
Liberal Democrats (Tony Henderson): 1438 (51%, +9%)
Conservative: 706 (25%, -4%)
Labour: 495 (17%, -12%)
Green Party: 198 (7%, new)

East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Tranby
Liberal Democrats (Ross Harrison): 958 (55%, +4.1%)
Labour: 408 (24%, +3.1%)
Conservative: 268 (15%, +3.7%)
Green Party: 97 (6%, -2.5%)

There were also 2 by-elections on Horsham District Council on Thursday.

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ALDC by-election report, 25th January

There was just one principal council by-election contested this week which took place in Scotland on Stirling Council.

Thank you to Lib Dem candidate Dick Moerman for standing for Liberal Democrats in Dunblane and Bridge of Allan ward and getting nearly 300 first preference votes. The ward was held by the Conservatives.

Stirling Council, Dunblane and Bridge of Allan
Conservative: 1644 (38%, +6.5%)
SNP: 1000 (23%, -3.9%)
Labour: 869 (20%, +7.8%)
Green: 433 (10%, -6.8%)
Liberal Democrats (Dick Moerman): 292 (7%, -3.1%)
Scottish Family Party: 50 (1%, +0.5%)

A full summary of all results for this week and previous weeks can be found on the ALDC by-elections page here.

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ALDC by-election Report, 11th January

The first council by-elections of 2024 were held this week. We began the new year in much the same way that we finished last year – by winning and moving forwards!

The first result declared in 2024 was a brilliant hold for the Lib Dems on Salford MBC. This was one of 4 principal by-elections contested and there were some very interesting results across the board.

The only place to start though is in Salford MBC where Councillor Paul Heilbron won Quays ward for the Liberal Democrats. We first won the ward in 2022 and just missed out in the 2023 local elections. We won on Thursday night with a 17.4% increase in our share of the vote from the 2023 result while Labour were down 12.6% from last May.

Congratulations to Paul and the Lib Dem team in Salford. This result is particularly special for ALDC as Paul is a former member of ALDC staff. His win restores our Lib Dem presence on Salford MBC too.

Salford MBC, Quays
Liberal Democrats (Paul Heilbron): 540 (54.8%, +17.4%)

Labour: 321 (32.6%, -12.6%)
Green Party: 124 (12.6%, +3.4%)

Very unusually the next by-election resulted in the winning Conservative candidate being unable to take up their seat – meaning another election will have to be run in the seat.

On Dorset Council the Conservatives won Littlemoor and Preston ward – holding onto it despite a brilliant performance by Lib Dem candidate Simon Clifford who increased the Lib Dem vote share by 19% and jumped from fourth to a very strong second. However as the winning Conservative candidate is employed by the council he is disqualified from taking up his seat and the seat will now remain vacant until the Dorset council elections in May. Congratulations to Simon and the team in Dorset for moving the Lib Dems forward so much in the seat with local elections just round the corner. The result was:

Dorset Council, Littlemoor and Preston
Conservative: 1,237 (54%, +25%)
Liberal Democrats (Simon Clifford): 833 (36%, +19%)
Labour: 232 (10%, -9.5%)

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ALDC by-election review for 2023

The final council by-election results of 2023 have been declared. We can look back on a brilliant, and historic year, of Liberal Democrat performances!

In total there were 197 principal council by-elections contested in 2023. The Liberal Democrats won 51 of these elections. Of these 26 were Lib Dem gains from other parties or independents.

That means, of all principal council by-elections in 2023, over a quarter resulted in a Lib Dem win – and one in eight resulted in a Lib Dem gain!

In total we made a net gain of 26 council seats in by-elections and countermanded elections over the course of the year. This is our joint third best performance since the merger in 1988 and comfortably the best of any party this year.

By contrast the Green Party had a net gain of 8, Labour had a net gain of 7, the SNP and Plaid were down a combined 6 seats and the Conservatives were down a net 31 councillors!

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ALDC by-election report, 21st December

We finished an outstanding year for Council by-elections on a high this week. We won 2 of the 3 contests and put in a great showing in the third – moving forwards in our vote share everywhere.

There were 2 by-elections in Leicestershire. Firstly on Leicestershire CC we held Blaby and Glen Parva ward (which had previously been won by a Liberal Democrat who became an independent before resigning). Congratulations to Councillor Sue Jordan and the team on holding the seat, and doing so by increasing our vote by 12.5% and increasing our majority to over 650!

Leicestershire CC, Blaby and Glen Parva
Liberal Democrats (Sue Jorden): 989 (61.2%, +12.5%)
Conservative: 320 (19.8%, -13.7%)
Labour: 190 (11.8%, +1.8%)
Green Party: 116 (7.2%, -0.5%)

In the corresponding vacancy on Blaby DC we also held the seat of Glen Parva ward with an increased vote share. Congratulations to Councillor Andrew Savage and the team on winning over 60% of the vote and increasing the Lib Dem vote by 5.4%.

Blaby DC, Glan Parva
Liberal Democrats (Andrew Savage): 438 (60.6%, +5.4%)
Conservative: 140 (19.4%, -3.7%)
Labour: 102 (14.1%, new)
Green Party: 43 (6.0%, new)

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ALDC by-Election Report, 14th December

We continued our incredible end of the year with one of the best weeks for local council by-election results that we have ever celebrated.

7 principal council seats were being contested across 6 wards this weeks – and we won 5 of them! This included 3 Lib Dem holds and 2 Lib Dem gains. Even the two seats that we didn’t win saw us miss out only very narrowly with a great improvement in our result from last time. There are so many fantastic results to delve into it is difficult to know where to start!

The first of our gains came on North Kesteven DC in Billinghay Rural ward, where newly elected Councillor Adrian Whittle beat the Conservatives by securing over 41% of the vote. This is a great achievement as we did not stand a candidate in the most recent election in this ward. Indeed nobody did as the Conservatives were uncontested here in 2023. This time round with a Lib Dem on the ballot paper we have pulled off a fantastic gain and elected our first Lib Dem councillor to North Kesteven District. Congratulations once again to Cllr Whittle and North Kesteven Lib Dems.

North Kesteven DC, Billinghay Rural
Liberal Democrats (Adrian Whittle): 354 (41.1%, new)
Conservative: 254 (29.5%)
Lincolnshire Independents: 225 (26.1%, new)
Independent: 29 (3.4%, new)

Our other gain came on Rugby BC in Dunsmore ward. There was a double vacancy in this ward caused by two Conservative resignations. Congratulations to Councillor Jonathan Bennett for gaining the top seat from the Conservatives as the Lib Dems topped the poll with 38% of the vote. The second seat was retained by the Conservatives – but well done to our candidate Trisha Trimble who finished so close with 548 votes (just 41 votes off taking the second seat). A brilliant performance all round. Congratulations to the team in Rugby.

Rugby BC, Dunsmore
Liberal Democrats (Jonathan Bennett): 613 (38%, +17.7% LD total)
Conservative: 588 (36.4%, -8.4% Con total)
Conservative: 557 (36.4%, -8.4% Con total)
Liberal Democrats (Trisha Trimble): 548 (38%, +17.7% LD total)
Labour: 299 (18.5%, -7.7% Lab total)
Labour: 256 (18.5%, -7.7% Lab total)
Green Party: 145 (9%, -7.7% Green total)
Green Party: 89 (9%, -7.7% Green total)

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ALDC By-Election Report, 7th December

The Lib Dems continued our fantastic end to the year with 3 more principal council by-election wins this week. A total of 5 principal by-elections were contested.

All 3 wins came in the East of England. We start on Hertfordshire County Council and a stunning result in Harpenden Rural ward which newly elected Lib Dem councillor Allison Wren gained from the Conservatives with a 33% increase in share of the vote (and over 58% of the vote overall). This gain puts the Lib Dems on 24 net gains in council by-elections this year. Triple that of the Green Party in second place!

Congratulations to Cllr Wren and Hertfordshire Lib Dems on a brilliant win.

Hertfordshire CC, Harpenden Rural
Liberal Democrats (Allison Wren): 1474 (58.3%, +33%)
Conservative: 766 (30.3%, -26.8%)
Labour: 168 (6.6%, -4.1%)
Green Party: 119 (4.7%, -2.2%)

On St Albans DC we also held Sandridge and Wheathampstead ward with over 55% of the vote and 7% vote-share increase on last time. Congratulations to Cllr Simon Johns and the team in St Albans on a great win.

St Albans DC, Sandridge and Wheathampstead
Liberal Democrats (Simon Johns): 793 (55.9%,+7.1%)
Conservative: 480 (33.8%, -4.8%)
Green Party: 78 (5.5%, -1.2%)
Labour: 68 (4.8%, -1.2%)

Our other win of the night came on North Norfolk DC in Briston ward. Congratulations to Cllr Andrew Fletcher and the local team who held the ward for the Lib Dems with just shy of 50% of the total vote.

North Norfolk DC, Briston
Liberal Democrats (Andrew Fletcher): 342 (49%, -2.5%)
Conservative: 274 (39%, -1.5%)
Green Party: 64 (9%, new)
Labour: 15 (2%, -5.9%)

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ALDC By-election report, 16th November

There were 6 principal by-elections this week. Lib Dem candidates contested 5 of the elections. As well as scoring a terrific gain in Bolton, every Lib Dem candidate moved forwards and increased our vote share – some spectacularly so!

The only place to start is Bolton MBC where there were 2 by-elections on Thursday.

We gained Westhoughton North & Hunger Hill ward from the Conservatives with an 11% increase in our vote share (while everyone else went backwards). Congratulations to Councillor Deirdre McGeown and the whole team in Bolton on a superb win.

Bolton MBC, Westhoughton North & Hunger Hill
Liberal Democrats (Deirdre McGeown): 959 (41.5%, +11.3%)
Conservative: 665 (28.8%, -0.7%)
Labour Party: 440 (19%, -1.1%)
Independent: 118 (5.1%, -5.3%)
Reform: 101 (4.4%, -0.7%)
Green Party: 28 (1.2%, -3.4%)

Also in Bolton, Kearsley ward was up for election. Thank you to Chris Cooper for flying the Lib Dem flag and making sure there was a Lib Dem option on the ballot paper.

Bolton MBC, Kearsley
Farnworth and Kearsley First: 1,081 (66%, +42.5%)
Labour: 365 (22.3%, +8.2%)
Reform UK: 121 (7.4%, +1.2%)
Conservative: 38 (2.3%, -6.9%)
Green Party: 18 (1.1%, new)
Liberal Democrats (Charles Cooper): 15 (0.9%)

We came within a whisker of another great gain in North Somerset DC in Wrington ward. Lib Dem candidate Samantha Louden-Cooke achieved 27.5% of the vote, despite there being no Lib Dem candidate there at the last election, and came within 50 votes of the winning Green Party candidate. Well done to Samantha and the Lib Dem team in North Somerset. A great result from nowhere and a brilliant base to build on.

North Somerset DC, Wrington
Green Party: 336 (32.7%, new)
Conservative: 297 (28.9%,+6.8)
Liberal Democrats (Samantha Louden-Cooke): 283 (27.5%, new)
Labour: 112 (10.9%, new)

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ALDC By-election report, 9th November

There were 6 principal by-elections this week. Lib Dem candidates stood in 5 of the vacancies. There were some brilliant results to celebrate, including some excellent holds in Wales.

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The only place to start with the by-election roundup is Powys Council in Wales where we were defending two seats in Crickhowell with Cwmdu & Tretower. The two vacancies were caused by the resignation of Independent councillors who were elected as Liberal Democrats in 2022.

We achieved a superb result. Newly elected Lib Dem councillors Claire Hall and Chloe Masefield won with a combined 63.1% of the vote – increasing the overall Lib Dem vote share despite a greater number of parties standing.

Congratulations to Claire, Chloe and everyone who worked so hard in Powys to achieve two brilliant holds.

Powys Council, Crickhowell with Cwmdu & Tretower
Liberal Democrats (Claire Hall and Chloe Masefield): 1356 (63.1%, +3.1%)
Conservatives: 563 (26.4%, -13.6%)
Independent: 116 (5.4%, new)
Labour: 92 (4.3%, new)
Independent: 18 (0.8%, new)

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ALDC By-Election Report, 2nd November

This has been a busy week for council by-elections – and a very successful one too for the Lib Dems!

There were 8 principal by-elections and also some significant town / parish council by-elections. We made gains on councils in every tier!

There is a lot to celebrate and lets start on Buckinghamshire County Council where newly elected Cllr Anja Schaefer gained Buckingham East ward from the Conservatives with a sensational 28% increase in vote share – and jumping from 4th to 1st! Anja had contested the ward in 2017 and 2021. Congratulations on an amazing win and for showing that hard work and persistence pays off.

Buckinghamshire CC, Buckingham East
Liberal Democrats (Anja Schaefer): 690 (38.7%, +28.1%)
Conservative: 593 (34%, -9.6%)
Labour: 371 (21.3%, +5.8%)
Green Party: 81 (4.7%, -6.5%)

Next up we move to Elmbridge District Council where Cllr Kevin Whincup gained Molesey East ward from Molesey Resident’s Association – despite a strong Conservative challenge. Congratulations to Kevin and the team in Elmbridge for seeing off the Conservatives and giving us another Lib Dem gain to enjoy.

Elmbridge DC, Molesey East
Liberal Democrat (Kevin Whincup): 694 (36.1%, +17.5%)
Conservative: 627 (32.6%, +2.1%)
Resident Association: 523 (27.2%, -7.5%)
Green Party: 77 (4%, -4.4%)

(Ed: We have amended the percentage changes for this by-election to bring them in line with those announced by Britain Elects.)

Moving to Town and Parish Councils now and we had another great gain on Salisbury City Council where Cllr Ted Last gained Salisbury Harnham West ward. The seat was held by the Conservatives but they did not stand in this by-election. But Ted and the local team thrashed Labour and the Green Party taking well over half the vote in a comfortable win.

Salisbury City Council, Salisbury Harnham West
Liberal Democrats (Ted Last): 497 (56.7%)
Labour: 206 (23.4%)
Green Party: 175 (19.9%)

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ALDC by-election report, 26th October

There were 5 principal council by-elections this week. There were some great performances from Lib Dem candidates to enjoy.

First of all though we would like to celebrate a fantastic gain on Oswestry Town Council as newly elected Lib Dem Councillor James Owen gained Cambrian ward from the Green Party. This was an excellent result on so many levels. Having not stood in the ward previously our win was achieved with over 55% of the vote (and a 43.8% swing from the Green Party!).

James becomes our first councillor on Oswestry TC. A council that is in the constituency of recently elected North Shropshire Lib Dem MP Helen Morgan, and this amazing result follows our gain from the Conservatives last week on Shropshire Council!

Congratulations to James and the team in Shropshire. This result shows we can take on the Green Party and beat them – resoundingly!

Oswestry TC, Cambrian ward
Liberal Democrats (James Owen): 233 (55.2%, new)
Conservative: 98 (23.3%, -24.3%)
Green Party: 85 (20.1%, -32.4%)

Beginning our round up of principal elections in London on Waltham Forest LBC where Highams Hill was being contested by Lib Dem candidate Alex Lewis. Labour held the ward but Alex and the local Lib Dems almost doubled our vote share, adding 7% to the Lib Dem vote and jumping ahead of the Green Party into second place.

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ALDC By-Election Report, 19th October

On top of the major parliamentary by-elections this week there have also been some big council by-elections for the Lib Dems.

Results were good overall. We secured some brilliant increases in our vote share and one amazing gain from the Conservatives. The Conservatives lost all four council seats they were defending this week with some drastic falls in their share of vote. A truly disastrous week for them.

We start our round up on Shropshire Council where we took Alveley and Claverley ward from the Conservatives with a stunning 36.2% increase in our share of the vote!

Congratulations to Councillor Colin Taylor and the local Lib Dems in Shropshire on getting almost 60% of the vote. An outstanding performance!

Shropshire Council, Alveley and Claverley
Liberal Democrats (Colin Taylor): 662 (58.7%, +36.2%)
Conservative: 408 (36.3%, -33%)
Labour: 55 (4.9%, new)

Another brilliant increase in our share of vote came in Surrey County Council in Horsleys division. Lib Dem candidate Paul Kennedy increased our vote share by 25%. Sadly we just missed out on the seat by 72 votes. The seat was held by the Residents for Guildford and Villages group but their vote share, along with the Conservatives, tumbled.

Commiserations to Paul and Surrey Lib Dems but well done and thank you for such an amazing performance.

Surrey CC, Horsleys
Residents for Guildford & Villages: 1095 (39.3%, -8.5%)
Liberal Democrats (Paul Kennedy): 1023 (36.7%, +25.1%)
Conservative: 569 (20.4%, -17%)
Labour: 99 (3.5%, +0.3%)

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ALDC By-Election Report, 12th October

It has been a quiet week for principal council by-elections with just two taking place. However there were positive results in both – including a great hold in Suffolk – and we also had a great town council gain too.

We held Woodbridge division on Suffolk County Council – winning over 50% of the vote. Congratulations to Councillor Ruth Leach and Suffolk Lib Dems on holding the seat in a more crowded election than when it was last fought with over half the vote.

Suffolk CC, Woodbridge
Liberal Democrats (Ruth Leach): 990 (51.2%, -12.3%)
Conservative: 642 (33.2%, -3.3%)
Labour: 301 (15.6%, new)

The other principal election this week was in Cheltenham Borough Council in Prestbury ward. Lib Dem candidate Ben Ingram moved the Lib Dem vote share forward by over 5% and jumped from 4th to 3rd place. A really good result. Thanks to Ben for standing. The ward was held by the People Against Bureaucracy Group.

Cheltenham BC, Prestbury
People Against Bureaucracy: 644 (32.7%, -8.5%)
Green Party: 484 (27.9%, +9.7%)
Liberal Democrats (Ben Ingram): 346 (20%, +5.4%)
Conservative: 258 (14.9%, -6.5%)

Finally we had a great gain reported to us on Great Aycliffe Parish Council in Shafto St Mary’s ward. Congratulations to Councillor Ben McAnaney and the team in Great Aycliffe for a great gain from Independent.

Great Aycliffe TC, Shafto St Mary’s
Liberal Democrats (Brian McAnaney): 260 (63.3%)
Independent: 151 (36.7%)

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ALDC By-Election Report, 4th and 5th October

There were 4 principal council by-elections this week. Unusually there were 2 on Wednesday and then 2 on Thursday. But it was great to see Lib Dem candidates in most elections and some very positive results too.

Beginning with Wednesday night – there were two elections on Haringey London Borough Council.

Thank you to David Schmitz and David Vigoureax for standing in South Tottenham and White Hart Lane wards respectively and giving hundreds of Lib Dem supporters in the area a Lib Dem option on the ballot paper.

Labour held both wards. But in both elections the result was tight behind them. In White Hart Lane in particular we were just  a few dozen votes off second place.

Haringey LBC, South Tottenham
Labour: 1258 (68.2, +4.6)
Conservative: 286 (15.4%, +0.4%)
Green Party: 235 (12.6%, -3.3%)
Liberal Democrats (David Schmitz): 71 (3.8%, -1.8%)

Haringey LBC, White Hart Lane
Labour: 1081 (59%, +1.6%)
Conservative: 289 (15.8%, +3.7%)
Green Party: 247 (13.5%, new)
Liberal Democrats (David Vigoureux): 215 (11.7%, +1.4%)

On Thursday night there was another London by-election with Vauxhall ward being contested on Lambeth LBC. Here Lib Dem candidate Fareed Alderechi pulled off a fantastic performance – increasing our vote share by 17% and jumping from fourth to a very close second – just a couple of hundred off winning and setting the ward up for the future.

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ALDC by-election report: 28th September

There were 5 principal council by-elections this Thursday. We stood candidates in all 5 and had some excellent results. Holding two wards in South Norfolk and coming very close in North Yorkshire and the Scottish Highlands.

Starting on South Norfolk District Council where two vacancies were being contested in South Wymondham ward and Mulbarton & Holy Cross ward. Both were Liberal Democrat defences and we held both in the face of strong challenges from parties and independent candidates who had not stood previously.

Congratulations to Cllr Carmina McConnell (South Wymondham) and Cllr Robert McClenning (Mulbarton & Holy Cross) and the team in South Norfolk on your hard-fought wins.

South Norfolk DC, South Wymondham
Liberal Democrats (Carmina McConnell): 286 (35%, -12.4%)
Conservative: 268 (32.8, +4.9%)
Labour: 173 (21.2%, -3.5%)
Green Party: 89 (10.9%, new)

South Norfolk DC, Mulbarton & Holy Cross
Liberal Democrats (Robert McClenning): 667 (37.1%, -11.4%)
Conservatives: 434 (24.2%, -10.8%)
No Description: 404 (22.5%, new)
Labour: 164 (9.1%, -7.4%)
Green Party: 128 (7.1%, new)

On Highlands Council in Scotland we sadly just missed out on retaining Tain & Easter Ross ward. Thank you to Charles Stephen for standing and for increasing the Lib Dem share of the vote (while the SNP share of the vote plummeted). Despite the Lib Dems moving forwards in the seat a new independent candidate won in the 6th round of the STV count.

Highlands Council, Tain & Easter Ross (first preferences)
Independent: 1022 (41.5%, new)
Liberal Democrats (Charles Stephen): 603 (24.5%, +3%)
SNP: 464 (18.8%, -11.8%)
Conservative: 207 (8.4%, -2.2%)
Labour: 88 (3.6%, new)
Green Party: 56 (2.3%, new)
Scottish Libertarian Party: 23 (0.9%, new)

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ALDC by-election report, 7th September 2023

It has been an eventful week for by-elections with principal elections on both Wednesday and Thursday – and even a good town council gain for us on Monday night too!

The only place to start however is on Shropshire Council with our amazing gain on Thursday night in Worfield ward – taking the seat from the Conservatives with a 33.5% increase in the Lib Dem share of the vote. The Conservative share of the vote fell by 27.9%.

Congratulations to Cllr Andrew Sherrington and the Lib Dem team on winning in such spectacular fashion.

Shropshire Council, Worfield
Liberal Democrat (Andrew Sherrington): 400 (48.1%, 33.5%)
Conservative: 392 (47.1%, -27.9%)
Labour: 40 (4.8%, new)

Elsewhere on Thursday we put in some solid performances and made sure there were Lib Dems on the ballot paper in all of them.

There were two by-elections on Newcastle-Under-Lyme BC. In Audley ward Andrew Wymess increased the Lib Dem vote share by 8.7% to finish a very strong third with 355 votes. In Knutton ward Aidan Jenkins stood for the Lib Dems (we had not stood a candidate in the previous election) and got just shy of 20% of the vote. Labour held both wards.

Well done and thank you to Andrew, Aidan and the team in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

Newcastle Under Lyme BC, Audley
Labour: 732 (46.1%, -6.7%)
Conservative: 438 (27.6%, -14%)
Liberal Democrat (Andrew Wymess): 355 (22.4%, +8.7%)
Independent: 63 (4%, new)

Newcastle Under Lyme BC, Knutton
Labour: 153 (49%, +1.1%)
Conservative: 99 (31.7%, -2.8%)
Liberal Democrat (Aidan Jenkins): 60 (19.2%, new)

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ALDC by-election report, 17th August 2023

There were just 2 principal council by-elections this week.

However there was still much to celebrate with a fantastic hold in St Albans and a significant move forward in a previously safe Labour ward in Middlesborough.

First of all we would like to congratulate Councillor Raihaanah Ahmed and St Albans Lib Dems for a great hold in Marshalwick East & Jersey Farm ward – and in a crowded field getting almost half the vote. Well done on a fantastic result.

St Albans DC, Marhsalwick East & Jersey Farm
Liberal Democrats (Raihaanah Ahmed): 774 (46%, -3.8%)
Conservative: 661 (39.3%, +5.3%)
Green Party: 102 (6.1%, -2.3%)
Labour: 82 (4.9%, -2.8%)
Independent: 62 (3.7%, new)

The next by-election took place in Middlesborough UA in Ayresome ward. Well done to our candidate Claire Brent and the local team for moving forwards significantly – finishing 3rd just over 100 votes behind the Independent winner with a 14.6% increase in share of the vote! In coming third we leapfrogged the Conservatives and this really demonstrates how by-elections can develop seats for the future.

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ALDC By-Election Report – 10th August

There were 3 principal council by-elections this week. It was great to see a Lib Dem candidate standing in all of them. We also had an excellent gain to celebrate in Somerset which is where we start.

Congratulations to Cllr Kevin Messenger who gained Castle Cary ward on Somerset Council from the Conservatives – with over 50% of the vote, a very healthy majority of over 600 and a 10.4% increase in vote share!

Well done to Kevin and everyone in Somerset and thank you for keeping the Lib Dem momentum going. That’s 4 by-election gains in the space of a week now!

Somerset Council, Castle Cary ward
Liberal Democrats (Kevin Messenger): 1,247 (54.8%, +10.4%)
Conservative: 614 (27%, -15.7%)
Green Party: 415 (18.2%, +5.3%)

In Havering London Borough Council, Thomas Clarke flew the flag for the Lib Dems in the Upminster ward by-election. Thank you to Thomas for ensuring there was a Lib Dem for people to vote for. The ward was held by the Upminster & Cranham Residents Association.

Havering LBC, Upminster ward
Residents Association: 1,642 (63.2%, +0.1%)
Conservatives: 421 (16.2%, -3.7%)
Labour: 234 9%, -0.5%)
Independent: 150 (5.8%, +5.8%)
Green Party: 115 (4.4%, -3.1%)
Liberal Democrats (Thomas Clarke): 35 (1.4%, +1.4%)

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ALDC by-election report, 3rd August

Thursday was one of the best nights for Lib Dem by-election results in recent years!

Out of 4 principal council by-elections we made gains in 3 – winning seats from both Labour and the Conservatives. In the other we moved forwards from fourth place to second place!

There is so much to celebrate this week!

In Dudley, Cllr Ryan Priest and the local Lib Dems gained Cradley & Wollescote ward from Labour by winning over 50% of the vote and a 14% increase in Lib Dem vote share.

Congratulations to Ryan and the team. Ryan just missed out on the ward by 21 votes in May’s local elections. Persistence has paid off and with the fantastic win he has become the first Lib Dem councillor on Dudley MBC.

The campaign also received support from an ALDC Fighting Fund Grant.

Dudley MBC, Cradley & Wollescote ward
Liberal Democrat (Ryan Priest): 1321 (52.2%, +14.3%)
Labour: 771 (30.5%, -8.2%)
Conservative: 353 (14%, -4.8%)
Green Party: 79 (3.1%, -0.2%)
TUSC: 5 (0.2%, -0.7%)

Lib Dem GAIN from Labour

Our next gain comes from Norfolk County Council where Cllr John Crofts gained Freebridge Lynn division from the Conservatives. This was another stunning victory made all the more impressive by the fact that we did not stand in the division the last time it was contested in 2021!

Congratulations to John and the Lib Dem team in Norfolk. Coming from nowhere to winning – leapfrogging both the Green Party and Labour – shows that people want a Lib Dem option on the ballot paper and we can achieve amazing things with hard work.

Norfolk CC, Freebridge Lynn division
Liberal Democrats (John Crofts): 669 (38.4, +38.4%)
Conservative: 539 (31%, -33.7%)
Green Party: 418 (24%, +4.3%)
Labour: 115 (6.6%, -9%)

Lib Dem GAIN from Conservative

Three was the magic number this week as we made yet another gain on East Sussex Country Council as Cllr Brett Wright beat the Conservatives in Meads division. With this loss the Conservatives also lost overall control of the council!

Congratulations to Brett and the local Lib Dem team. Yet another fantastic result which saw the Lib Dem vote share increase by 10%! A superb result.

East Sussex CC, Meads division
Liberal Democrats (Brett Wright): 1649 (50.1%, +10.1%)
Conservative: 1361 (41.3%, -4.3%)
Labour: 157 (4.8%, -1.1%)
Green Party: 127 (3.9%, -2.2%)

Lib Dem GAIN from Conservative

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ALDC by-election report, 27th July

It has been a busy week for by-elections with a number of principal and town council elections and some great Lib Dem victories and performances.

We start with a couple of excellent town council Lib Dem wins.

On Sevenoaks Town Council, Lionel O’Hara gained Northern ward for the Lib Dems from the Conservatives. Impressively this gain now means that the Lib Dems hold every single town councillor and district councillor in Sevenoaks! Congratulations to Cllr O’Hara and the team in Sevenoaks for truly turning the town GOLD!

Sevenoaks TC, Northern
Liberal Democrat (Lionel O’Hara): 351 (73%)
Labour: 131 (27%)

We also held Summerlands ward on Yeovil Town Council with a fantastic 58% of the vote. Congratulations to Cllr Kayleigh Fieldsend and the local team in Yeovil.

Yeovil TC, Summerlands
Liberal Democrats (Kayleigh Fieldsend): 329 (58%)
Independent: 128 (22.6%)
Green Party: 71 (12.5%)
Unaligned: 33 (5.8%)

We have excellent town, parish and community council by-election wins every week up and down the country. Let us know if you have a town or parish election coming up that you are contesting, or a good win, by emailing [email protected] and we will make sure we report it.

We stood in 4 principal by-elections on Thursday – improving our vote share in all of them.

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ALDC By-Election Report 20th July 2023

While attention may well have been on this week’s three Parliamentary by-elections, there have also been Council by-elections across Britain with some great holds for the Lib Dems and some very tight and dramatic results.

Firstly we would like to say a huge congratulations to Cllr Raymond ‘Truck’ Evans and Ceredigion Lib Dems for holding Llanfarian ward on the Ceredigion County Council.

We know the local team worked extremely hard for the win, beating Plaid Cymru by 8 votes. Such a narrow victory shows that every single leaflet and every single door knocked on really does count!

Congratulations once again to Councillor Evans and the local team.

Ceredigion CC, Llanfarian
Liberal Democrat (Raymond Evans): 298 (48.2%, -19.8)
Plaid Cymru: 290 (46.9%, +15.0)
Conservative: 30 (4.9%, +4.9)

Our second win of the evening came on Dorchester Town Council as Cllr Kate Reid held the seat of Dorchester East for the Lib Dems.

It was a competitive election with all 4 main parties standing plus an independent. But well done to Kate and the local team for polling exactly double the number of votes as the Green Party in second place.

Congratulations Cllr Reid on a great win!

Dorchester TC, Dorchester East
Liberal Democrat (Kate Reid): 480 (39.6%)
Green Party: 240 (19.8%)
Independent:181 (14.9%)
Conservative: 168 (13.9%)
Labour: 142 (11.7%)

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