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William Hague’s sideswipe at Alan Duncan

Over at ConservativeHome they’ve got an interview with William Hague, in which he makes this comment about Have I Got News For You:

I took the view that appearing on it is not compatible with being on the Front Bench.

Now, who’s recently appeared on that show? His fellow Conservative front bencher, Alan Duncan. Oops.

Or maybe not so oops, given the frequent political chatter that Alan Duncan won’t make it into any future Conservative Cabinet, his little expenses problem, his forgetfulness when it comes to policy ideas, his secret funding controversy and his donation from a …

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Alan Duncan’s garden gets a makeover

Courtesy of Don’t Panic Media:

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Is Alan Duncan the 12th Lib Dem?

Two further updates from the Telegraph, both amusing rather than alarming.

Steve Webb

This headline is just beyond parody. I kid you not: Steve Webb sold one flat and bought another, claiming £8,400 stamp duty

What?? He SOLD a flat, what, and then BOUGHT another? Treachery! Infamy! Off with his head!

Of course, he could have rented and saved us the £8,500. And under Clegg’s original set of proposals for expense reform, rejected by Cameron and Brown, that would be exactly what would have happened. As it is, we’ll have to make do

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