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Elaine Bagshaw: Don’t let your opportunities be snatched away: Register to vote

The young Liberal Democrat who has led such a strong effort in East London, Elaine Bagshaw, today urged young people to register to vote so that they could make sure Britain stays in the European Union. Speaking at a Stronger In event in London, she said:

We have nothing to gain from leaving Europe. We have everything to lose. We’ll have a privilege that we have enjoyed and benefitted from taken away from us and the generations that will follow us.

If you don’t want that snatched away, you need to speak up and use your voice.

If you haven’t already, register to vote here. Here’s her speech in full:

Voting in this referendum is incredibly important because this time every vote counts. Whether you’re in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh or Liverpool. Whether you’re 19 or 90. Your votes are equal. Your vote and your voice is powerful and it matters.
It’s so important to have your say because this vote really matters. We won’t get another crack at this in 5 years like a general election. This is it.

I’m really passionate about opportunity. About everyone having the chance to succeed regardless of where you’re born, the colour of your skin, who you love and anything else that makes you, you.

Staying in Europe gives us so many opportunities. To live and work in other countries, experience different cultures, to live alongside people from Europe and to learn about them and ourselves.

If we vote to leave, we lose all of that. Those opportunities that you and I have now, and that our younger relatives, friends and siblings have will be quickly and cruelly snatched away.

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Two contrasting videos from the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign

Two contrasting videos from the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign this week.

The first for International Women’s Day – positive, strong, vibrant and a joy to watch:

And then a rather more boring one, with 6 facts. Yes, all of them are right, but look at the images that go with them. Who is doing the shopping and looking after the children?

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Is the pro-EU case strengthened by the #StrongerIn campaign?

I have to be honest, I found yesterday’s launch of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign deeply uninspiring. They seem to have learned none of the lessons from the Scottish Referendum. It’s not enough to win the vote. You have to win the campaign, too. Setting out a long retail list of facts and figures is not going to cut the mustard. Of course it’s important to know that our bank balances and jobs benefit from being in the EU. Of course it’s important to have former top police officers tell us that the European Arrest Warrant keeps us safer. You need the melody to engage people, though, and there was none of this. It was all bass notes. There was no celebrating of the fact that the EU has meant that our parents, our generation, our children and, we hope, generations to come are not fighting each other on European battlefields.

What was worse was the implication that this campaign was the patriotic one and that those who want to leave the EU were described as “quitters”. That is deeply unhelpful language that does nothing to engage people. I loathe the use of the word “patriotic” in politics at the best of times. It is pure poison and the way it’ll be flung around by both campaigns renders it utterly meaningless. This is all a bit deja vu because I remember being so sickened by Better Together styling itself the “patriotic” campaign that I didn’t go to its launch.

I don’t think for a moment that I am BSIE’s  target audience. It really doesn’t matter what this lot do. I’m going to vote to stay in the EU even if Stuart Rose and Karren Brady spend the entire campaign re-enacting the George Galloway/Rula Lenska scene from Celebrity Big Brother. However, our opponents will be well-funded and well organised with a message that is a strong layer of populist froth on top of some deeply negative, divisive and scapegoating message, just like the Yes campaign was north of the border. It’s pretty clear that winning the campaign is important. There needs to be an air of sunshine and positivity about the pro-EU side and the many mistakes made by Better Together must not be repeated. The assumptions they made about their target audience ended up just driving people into the hands of the Yes campaign. 

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