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“As an MP, I’d find solutions” – a profile that shows why Elizabeth Riches should win North East Fife

There’s a super profile in The Courier of Elizabeth Riches, our excellent candidate in North East Fife. The reporter sent to follow her for the day was obviously impressed, saying that she is “full of charm and charisma.”

When I read it, I thought that this is definitely the Elizabeth I know.

Elizabeth is full of charm and charisma, chatting to everyone she meets, whatever their political preferences.

“You have to listen to what concerns people; individuals have their worries and there’s no point in pontificating about things that hold no interest,” she says.

“Some are worried about their children’s education and the fact Elmwood College can’t offer the courses it used to, or they might be concerned about lack of broadband.

“As an MP, I’d find solutions. This is a unique moment for the country. This election is probably far more important than any we’ll have for a long time and I would really make a difference to North East Fife.”

“I’ll use my experience as a teacher, councillor for the East Neuk and deputy leader of Fife Council to serve the best interests of the area.”

The article also has conversations with voters, many of whom are impressed with Elizabeth. What comes across, though, is the long record of service the people of North East Fife has had from its local councillors. What an incredible foundation of goodwill they have built.

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Elizabeth Riches selected to fight North East Fife

Former Fife Councillor and Depute Council Leader Elizabeth Riches has been selected to fight North East Fife. The interesting fact that I didn’t know about her from her biography is that she lived in the Arctic Circle for 2 years.

She has been a biology teacher, ran her own horticulture business and was a Councillor at Region and District level for 27 years.

She visited a dairy farm with Willie this morning but, a little disappointingly, there were no animal shenanigans to brighten up our Friday.

However, they did make a video to celebrate Elizabeth’s selection:

Elizabeth Riches said

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