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Is this the front page of the next Lib Dem manifesto?

Ryan Coetzee, recently appointed the Lib Dems’ General Election Director of Strategy, was snapped today clutching papers which look like they might reveal the party’s top four priorities for the 2015 manifesto.

The four priorities read:

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Towards the General Election in 2015: Two ways Labour and Conservatives are gearing up

polling station -  Some rights reserved by Simon Clayson Two very different reports this weekend about how Labour and the Conservatives are preparing for the General Election.

First of all, an Observer report on how the Tories are raising money to spend in their target seats:

Roll up, roll up, come and jump on the 2015 general election bandwagon. It helps if you are rich and like the Tories, but it matters little whether you were born in Britain or insist on keeping your donation private. There are people waiting at

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