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Lib Link: Stephen Tall: The ins and outs of tactical voting (nose pegs optional)

Our esteemed former co-editor Stephen Tall has a piece on the Independent Voices site looking into tactical voting. Why might you, he asks:

For all the complexity of political debates about the economy, public services, the environment and immigration, the choice each of us faces when handed our ballot paper is simple: which candidate should receive our solitary “X”?

Suppose you’re a Conservative supporter living in Nick Clegg’s seat of Sheffield Hallam; should you stick by your party, even if that means handing the seat to Labour? Or lend your vote to the Lib Dem leader this time?

Or perhaps you’re a Scot who wants to see the UK stick together – then the canny choice will be the candidate best-placed to thwart the SNP. Danny Alexander is pinning his hopes of survival in his Inverness seat on rallying anti-nationalist voters.

He adds that voting for the party that most reflects your values is not always the best way of getting something like your values enacted under the first past the post electoral system:

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  • User AvatarInnocent Bystander 15th Dec - 10:40am
    I was just looking back at the first election I went to in the 60's. The Libs were led by a "Jo" and had 12...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 15th Dec - 10:40am
    @ John Marriott, "If the economy tanks, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be the EU gets the blame." It will tank...
  • User AvatarMartin 15th Dec - 10:38am
    Gwyn Williams: UTR? - Unique Tax Reference? Urinary Tract Relief? Under The Radar? Universal Tennis Rating? Has it anything to do with taking away money...
  • User AvatarGwyn Williams 15th Dec - 10:17am
    Adding my congratulations to Mark. His first and urgent job is to repair the damage that the outgoing President and others did to the relationship...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 15th Dec - 10:16am
    @ Arnold Kiel, "Think Orban, Kaczynski, Babis, Salvini (likely back by then), LePen (possibly)." Not our problem any longer! Except we'll have to work out...
  • User AvatarJim Smith 15th Dec - 10:16am
    I agree that some sort of centre-left pack will be needed in the future, as long as we keep having to use FPTP. One thing...
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