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Donation news round-up: Hain, Straw and UKIP

Peter Hain has been found guilty of “serious and substantial” failures for failing to register donations to his Labour Deputy Leadership campaign. More here.

Jack Straw has been found guilty of a “clear, albeit inadvertent, breach” of the rules for failing to register a donation. More here.

And the Electoral Commission has won the right to appeal over a decision that UKIP only had to forfeit a small portion of the illegal donations it had received. More here.

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Latest pension scandal to rock government

Rupert Jones reports for the Guardian:

… government ministers’ pension pots are defying the stock market slump and are up by 10% in a year, it emerged this week. Research by the Liberal Democrats revealed that high-profile ministers have pension pots worth more than 10 times the average in the private sector. Gordon Brown has a personal ministerial pension pot of £274,000. Justice secretary Jack Straw’s is £294,000 and chancellor Alistair Darling’s is £235,000. Lib Dem work and pensions spokesman Lord Oakeshott says: “Ministers and mandarins live in a pensions time warp. They look like the first world war general

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