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Book review: learning from the Obama and McCain online advertising campaigns

Campaign ’08: A Turning Point For Digital Media is a slim volume by Kate Kaye, senior news editor at ClickZ, taking an in-depth look at the online advertising used in the 2008 Presidential contest for the primaries and then the general election.

Though the book touches on other aspects of internet campaigning, what makes it stand out from the crowd of competing volumes is its focus on advertising.

It starts with a reminder that there is only one John McCain: the McCain mocked in 2008 for not getting online campaigning is the same McCain who was feted in 2000 for getting online campaigning. Indeed, in many ways it was his 2000 campaign that put online political fundraising on the agenda in the US, just as Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign put online organising on the agenda.

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  • User AvatarMartin Land 6th Dec - 11:40pm
    @Tony Greaves. What do you expect with our best campaigner in long-term exile?
  • User AvatarJoseph Bourke 6th Dec - 11:13pm
    Peter. Roche in his blog goes on to say "My critique of MMT has nothing to do with them dropping or adding (X-M). In MMT...
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    @ Michael BG The 4% is the surplus of the overseas sector which is a deficit from the UK's perspective. The Government and PDS are...
  • User Avatarnigel hunter 6th Dec - 10:58pm
    Make our own media (paper) and put it thru the letter box. YES! Say quarterly stating LIBDEM news and advertising our policies etc. YES, I...
  • User AvatarManfarang 6th Dec - 10:32pm
    The fact that there has been whinging about our campaign newspapers shows the Liberal Democrats are having some success. Create and print then put them...
  • User Avatarfrankie 6th Dec - 10:27pm
    The reply Mark should say is " Wots it worth". When the media come looking for a story be picky who you choose, BBC turn...
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