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Wigan Council falls for the snow myth

Ooops, not quite all good new on the snow myth-busting front. Despite good news from many parts of the country about councils laying to rest the myths around people being sued if they clear snow from outside their own homes, Wigan Council has gone for reinforcing rather than rejecting the legal myths:

HOMEOWNERS and businesses could risk being sued for clearing snow from the front of their premises if someone slips or falls, legal experts at Wigan Council have warned…

With more snow forecast for this weekend, Wigan Council’s borough solicitor Kevin Lawson said: “It is the council’s responsibility, so far as

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    Yes. Trump uses Christian's for his own political ends .Sad . Yes how log will it take till the penny drops?
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    Christian Evangelical Americans have put their trust in a man who shows no real evidence of genuine religious belief. Indeed Mr Trump's only god seems...
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    With so many people on the election Review Team there is one obvious problem which I fear with make the task of the group difficult,...
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    My local Poundland employed lots of EU youngsters at one point whilst our own youth were doing drugs and cider yards away outside, post Brexit...
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    And the remain vote was split , us and 2 indepents (not sure of the local platform they stood on ) Malc poll