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OMG! It’s health and safety gone, er…, sensible

During last winter’s snow I blogged a few times about the legal scare stories about how people shouldn’t sweep away snow from outside their home (you can be sued! the world will end!), how clearing snow is traditional in Britain (sort of) and how some companies that tell us at great length about how much they care about local communities miss taking the obvious steps to show such care during a snow fall – clearing the snow from outside their premises.

Not to mention the way some journalists who spend their time loving to mock real or imagined nanny state actions suddenly think the state should do everything when it comes to snow clearing.

But this year? Well, it’s all looking rather different.

First up for credit is the government with its wise advice:

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    This is an extremely good article not because of the argument it puts forward but because the way it’s written makes me long to throw...
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    The reach of the BBC is very high -well over 90%. On free to air TV, ITV is only crime dramas and soaps. The BBC...
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    Finally!!! I thought we were never going to get a response, and here it is, a month after our letter was published. Thank you for...