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YouTube ‘cos we want to: Gordon, Dawkins and Fordham

Welcome to the latest edition of our occasional LDV feature, YouTube ‘cos we want to, featuring some of the most memorable political moments from the past week (or so).

First up, in tribute to the triumph of this week’s Labour party conference in Brighton, let’s enjoy in all its 11 seconds of glory, Gordon’s huff with Sky’s Adam Boulton after a particularly feisty interview:

Hat-tip: Paul Waugh. You can enjoy the full interview here.

Second’s up … for many the highlight of Lib Dem conference was meeting Richard Dawkins, while for others it was hearing his declaration that, though not a member, he has voted for the party in every election since it was founded. So here for your delectation is his 5-minute speech to the conference hall:

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Behind the Fringe: Richard Dawkins at the Lib Dem conference #ldconf

For some fringe events at this year’s conference I have been OK to pitch up with a couple of minutes to spare and still expect to get a seat. However for the ‘Reason under threat – the war on irrationality’ event with Richard ‘God Delusion’ Dawkins, I wisely plumped for getting there about 20 minutes early. Even then I ended up fairly near the back!

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Media news from Bournemouth – and our media at its very best

A round-up of more media coverage from conference here in Bournemouth:

And finally, something to file in the “It makes you proud to have media like that in our country” corner. The Times runs a serious piece in education in this country and what we might be able to learn from Sweden. …

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Tim Farron’s book likes and dislikes: CS Lewis and Richard Dawkins

Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron features in the ‘Brought to book’ column in the current edition of Total Politics, answering questions such as:

What is your least favourite book?

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I’m a Christian, but I don’t object to people criticising my faith or even trying to ‘disprove’ it. However, I do object to bright people like Dawkins writing uncritical and abysmally researched polemic and then parading it as a respectable work.

What was the most inspiring book you have ever read and why?

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