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Labour candidate Shefali Begum wants “prosperous thieving” Rochdale

I guess there always has to be some humility when you see that an opposition candidate has had a bit of a proof-reading failure. After all, it could just as easily happen to you.

That said, Labour candidate for the Spotland and Falinge ward of Rochdale Council Shefali Begum will no doubt be very embarrassed after reading her pitch on the Rochdale Online website in which she says:

  I believe to make a prosperous thieving borough we need united and strong communities which are dedicated and passionate about where they live and their future generations will reside.

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  • User AvatarGraham Jeffs 21st Jan - 9:49am
    Mark Pack - 'Lib Dem council leaders.........reflecting the diversity of the country'. I would have thought 'their communities' would be more appropriate and please let's...
  • User AvatarMark Pack 21st Jan - 9:40am
    It's very welcome that we've got a much more diverse Parliamentary Party in the House of Commons that ever before. It's worth adding, however, that...
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    David Raw - you do your case an injustice. What on earth makes you so confident that this is all about 'the chattering classes of.......the...
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    @Jeff You ask a good question "Of the many thousands of standards embodied in the equipment (hardware and software) that you are using to read...
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    Peter Wrigley 20th Jan '20 - 6:30pm..... Of course, in your world, there would have been no 'Watergate' nor, in fact, any 'Whistleblowers'; what policeman,...
  • User AvatarDavid Raw 21st Jan - 8:41am
    @ David Beckett Completely agree, David. Introspective, obsessed with identity politics. Nothing on climate change - nothing on rising poverty and inequality..... almost always focused...