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Cornwall Tories accused of ‘duping’ charity choir

ThisIsCornwall.co.uk has the story:

THE Conservatives in Cornwall have been accused of “duping” a charity choir into taking part in a Christmas carol concert to raise money for party funds as well as charity.

Members of Helston Chamber Choir were delighted when they were invited to sing at the festive event next week, believing it was in aid of St Julia’s Hospice, part of Cornwall Hospice Care, alone.

However, when promised publicity material and tickets failed to materialise, and then e-mails went unanswered, the choir investigated further – only to find the concert was also raising cash for the Tories in West

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  • User AvatarMalc Poll 22nd Feb - 12:41pm
    Do you mean me tim ? If so name me so I can respond. Malc Poll
  • User AvatarPeter Chambers 22nd Feb - 12:16pm
    Good to see this business-like work. * long term spending based on long term income * fairness to staff - foundational * members and supporters...
  • User AvatarTim Hill 22nd Feb - 11:52am
    Despite some rather silly comments by others, bearing in mind the political history of the Ward, this is a good result for us. Not brilliant,...
  • User AvatarChristopher Curtis 22nd Feb - 10:56am
    I meant to add that the unique situation of Northern Ireland has an evangelical Church aspect, of course, but that is bound up with a...
  • User AvatarChristopher Curtis 22nd Feb - 10:53am
    @Ian Sanderson I didn’t mean to suggest there were no right-wing evangelicals in the UK, just that they are not an organised and powerful constituency...
  • User AvatarDavid Evans 22nd Feb - 8:55am
    Good Morning leaflets are a two edged sword. Great for getting the last message and reminder out to so many, but at the wrong time...