“Almost bestially stupid”: top Tory’s verdict on Islington residents

Paul Newman is Vice-Chair (North) of Islington Conservatives and had this to say recently on Iain Dale‘s blog:

“I have to confess that the denizens of Mildmay [a ward in Islington] are almost bestially stupid . There is not a lot you can do with them…they live from road kill and sleep under Newspaper.”

Ah bless, aren’t they a lovely party?

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  • It's a sixteen-horse race 16th Apr '07 - 2:12pm

    Yes, a bad news day…

  • Mr Newmans getting exercised because I corrected him when he was boasting that the Tories had ‘even fielded candidates in every ward in Islington’ Er, not true, they cocked up their nomination papers in my ward – Mildmay, which helped with the overall result of the elections- for us!
    Hence his put down for his fellow party members/ my constituents!
    Having not met any Tories in my ward, I can’t possibly comment on his verdict..

  • It's a no-horse race 16th Apr '07 - 5:47pm

    Meral Ece – are you the same person who propped up a rotten Labour administration in Hackney, defected to “Hackney New Labour”, electorally saw the writing on the wall, moved to Islington and joined the Lib Dems?

  • If the point of your comment was to show that really you’re a lovely, polite chap, I don’t think it’ll have worked somehow Newmania 🙂

    Nice to know that all is clear and correct on what passes for decent behaviour in the Conservative party.

  • Hywel Morgan 16th Apr '07 - 8:23pm

    Almost the perfect thread on “why political blogs won’t do anything to reconnect politicians with the electorate”

    1) An over-the-top quote of exaggerated importance to the political situation (sorry Mark – this is such a piece of irrelevant nonsense!)

    2) A response filled with low abuse from a political opponent that doesn’t help him win the argument or attract any friends. Nothing wrong with political abuse per se – Disraeli handed out plenty of it but with SO much more class!

    3) An ad hominem attack on another poster on something only tangentially related to the issue

    4) Done by someone hiding behind the cloak of complete anonymity.

    The last step would be the deeply pompous comment criticising the behaviour of other posters and declaring “a plague on all your houses”. Ah we seem to have got that one to! 🙂

    All we are missing now is an attack based on someone’s spelling and a Hitler comparision

  • Neil Bradbury 16th Apr '07 - 9:18pm

    Some of the spelling above is a bit dodgey and some of these people seem to be acting like Hitler with their “no other view than mine is acceptable” view. I’m appalled

  • meiriongwril 16th Apr '07 - 11:09pm

    Shorely their akting laik Hilter

  • It's a three-horse race 17th Apr '07 - 7:22am

    Newmania makes me laugh: Typical stupidity about “every Liberal vote props up a Labour Government nationally”, which of course it can’t unless we’re in coalition with Labour (just doesn’t want to accept that you don’t have to be Tory to oppose Labour; too much for him to understand?). And his little rant about class – you’d have to read Hywel’s post in an extremely odd way to think he was talking about social class – or more to the point, you wouldn’t have understood it at all . . .

  • It's a three-horse race 17th Apr '07 - 11:19am

    As I said, not able to accept you don’t have to be a Tory to oppose Labour. Both parties’ have more in common than either would like to admit.

    And as for

    “The relationship between class , status and literary style is an interesting one but as I am employed in the wealth creating side of the economy I don’t have the time to give you a lesson in that right now.”

    Well that showed me. Oh yes. I’m sure there is supposed to be some dig in there about Lib Dems not being involved in wealth creation(?). As I suspect many of them are, your post just seems a bit odd. You’re clearly not creating that much wealth that you can’t resist replying to our posts in a way that doesn’t really flatter your abilities.

  • ‘No-horse race’ really is confused! Rather than ‘prop up a rotten Labour administration’ I resigned from Labour, along with 17 others, causing Labour to lose control of the Council, and stood as a Lib Dem in Hackney back in 1998, and won.
    Do keep up ‘No Horse Race’ (what is that?)

  • It's a three-horse race 17th Apr '07 - 4:02pm

    Newmania, I know you’re trying to be patronising and annoying, but you might want to look back over your own posts again before you suggest anyone is lacking in maturity.
    Admitidly, it will probably be hard for you to read them given you’re so busy making money, but do try.

  • It's a no-horse race 17th Apr '07 - 6:11pm

    So, Meral, you were a councillor, defected to Hackney New Labour and then to the Dim Lebs – you don’t dispute any of these facts, do you? Hackney has always been rotten – why did you join Hackney Labour in the first place, let alone sit and vote with them for years?

    I seem to recall that when you stood in Islington that you still actually lived in Hackney – didn’t you rent a shed in Islington in order for your candidacy to be accepted?

  • Angus J Huck 17th Apr '07 - 8:52pm

    Quote: “Hackney has always been rotten”

    Now, what does this mean?

    Lots of dry rot in the housing stock?

    Or perhaps too many people from ethnic minorities?

    Quite a collection in Hackney. From Satu Mare to Diyarbakir. From Galway to Jamaica. Plenty for the nastier, snooty kind of Tory to carp about.

    Where you have so many minorities, and no majority (as in New York – or Hackney), no one group can dominate. Which suggests there might be something potentially healthy about politics in Hackney.

  • It's a no-horse race 17th Apr '07 - 10:11pm

    Angus J Huck – you clearly have a racist mind to be thinking along those lines!

    Hackney is rotten – dirty street, run-down estates, poor-performing departments, poor educational results, high crime rates, cover ups of paedophile activities carried out by Labour Party members, and sky-high taxes thanks to decades of complacent, arrogant, incompetent and could-care-less Labour administrations.

  • It's a no-horse race 17th Apr '07 - 10:14pm

    Not even Diane Abbott would agree with you, AJH. Where do you live? Clearly not in Hackney!

  • Angus J Huck 17th Apr '07 - 10:29pm

    No, it’s the Tories who think along those lines. Like the member in Cheltenham who complained about having a “bloody n****r” as a candidate. Or Sir Gerald Nabarro, who fulminated against coffee-coloured half-casts, Most Tories I’ve met are racists. You’re the one with the racist mind, sunshine. Stands out a mile.

  • It's a no-horse race 17th Apr '07 - 10:45pm

    You’re talking bollocks! If you cast your mind back to the Cheltenham contest, the Lib Dem slogan was “a local candidate for local people” – everyone knew what that meant! So, where do you live?

  • It's a no-horse race 17th Apr '07 - 10:46pm

    And how many black or Asian MPs do you have? Remind me…

  • Angus J Huck 17th Apr '07 - 11:19pm

    How many blacks or Asians in the Carlton Club?

    Oh, I see. Nigel Jones is not allowed to tell people he lives in Cheltenham. Lib Dem candidates always make an issue out of being local. Ah, but you’re saying they shouldn’t if the Tory candidate is black? But wouldn’t that be racist?

    “Everyone knew what that meant.” Yes, you are the one with the racist mind!

    Terry Dicks MP once described West Indians as “lazy good-for-nothings who come to this country to scrounge of state benefits”. I forget if any action was taken against him. I suspect not. Major needed his support.

  • Meral’s flat may not be up to ‘no horse race’ standards, whatever they are, but hardly a shed. At least she’s not “sleeping under Newspaper”…

    As for changing party, again the Islington Tories set the bar very high. Consider their star 2006 council candidate Dave Barnes – Labour, Independent, Lib Dem, Independent, Labour, Independent, Freedom Party, Conservative.

    I may have left out a few of his changes but you get the drift….

  • Thanks Bridget, ‘no horse race’ clearly thinks that the great unwashed, including us Turks, live in sheds. My 3 kids and 3 cats find it very cosy.
    What is it with weird Tories hiding their true identity??
    I’ve been a Lib Dem cllr for nearly 10 years, and am proud of it, and the number of Turks and Kurds joining me is increasing every month.

  • It's a no-horse race 18th Apr '07 - 11:12pm

    Who mentioned Turks or Kurds? You’re crazy! Briget, you looking forward to losing again? If Barnes if such a nutter, as you suggest, why did you have him? Paul Fox was right in his assessment of you…

  • It's a no-horse race 18th Apr '07 - 11:13pm

    Who said I’m a Tory?

  • Angus J Huck 18th Apr '07 - 11:59pm

    Another Tory MP who got away with a blatantly racist remark was the late Nicholas Fairbairn, who denounced Bob Geldof as a “publicity-seeking Jew” (actually a Roman Catholic).

    Put the odd whisky inside these Tories and the truth starts dripping out.

  • It's a one-horse race 19th Apr '07 - 10:53am

    How desperate – that you have to qoute dead MPs from the 1970s.

  • Angus J Huck 19th Apr '07 - 11:36am

    Actually, it was in the 1980s that Fairbairn said it.

    Not so smart, are you?

  • It's a one-horse race 19th Apr '07 - 11:42am

    OK, the 80s. Want a list of embarrassing quotes from Dim Lebs?

  • Wow… I really don’t know which is worse. Labour, who swept to power by claiming to love the workers and then betraying them, or the Tories, who simply hate them…

  • It's a two-horse race 19th Apr '07 - 11:05pm

    Angus, what’s your view on the Lib Dem councillor and Grp. Leader of Darlington Council nominating a BNP candidate?

    Nast lot.


  • Angus J Huck 19th Apr '07 - 11:47pm

    Sorry, One Horse, I’ve never set foot in Darlington. Can’t comment.

    But I do recall a certain Tom Finnegan standing for the Tories in Stockton South (just down the road) at the 1983 General Election. Even though said Tom Finnegan had stood for the National Front in Birmingham Erdington (from memory) at one of the 1974 General Elections.

    Local Tories said they had no idea Finnegan had ever been an NF member. Oh, come on! I remembered the guy’s name! And I’m not even a Tory candidate vetter!

    Recall Sir Keith Joseph and Nigel Lawson both doing a runner?

    And it was the SDP’s Ian Wrigglesworth who kept Mr Finnegan out of the Commons, but by a very narrow margin. Badge of honour there.

  • Mildmay resident 20th Apr '07 - 11:10am

    Not sure what I’m doing leaving a reply here because I’m certainly not a Lib Dem. Mind you I’m not Labour or Tory either. My only interest is in the words, “I have to confess that the denizens of Mildmay are almost bestially stupid.”

    From the front page of the Tribune today I see that Mr Newman’s political opponents are making as much mileage out of this as possible. Good. He shouldn’t have said it. I normally hate political sniping but people should think before they open their mouths. People shouldn’t make bloody stupid comments that local people can only interpret as yet another insult to them or about where they live / their HOME.

    I’ve only lived in Mildmay for 20 years but my partner’s family moved up here from Clerkenwell in the 1880s. She is not ‘almost bestially stupid’. Nor are any of the neighbours she grew up with. Nor am I. Nor is ANY participant in the time bank I run here in Mildmay.

    Yes there are some ‘almost bestially stupid people’ around. Two (or three?) people were shot on the south side of Newington Green on Monday night and that story didn’t even get into the Tribune.

    Do something about it. I don’t know if those two live here or were just trying to take over somebody else’s little, local ‘business’ but most people who DO live here just want to get on with their lives without the risk of getting caught in crossfire.

    In this case I do think Mr Newman shouldn’t have said what he did but I can’t but feel that if all you politicians could all stop scoring clever points off each other and actually stopped this sort of awfulness happening, you’d be very, very popular.


  • It's a two horse race 20th Apr '07 - 11:23am

    Peter, as I understand it, Mr. Newman was poking fun at his Conservative colleagues in Mildmay for f***ing up the nomination papers, not at ordinary residents. Trust the Lib Dems to make a mountain out of a molehill. Mildmay residents deserve better than this kind of Punch and Judy-style politics, which is damaging to the political process and democray in particular.

  • Mildmay resident 20th Apr '07 - 1:34pm

    Before I return to my world, these comments are directed at your guest Mr Newman.

    I’m even less impressed now. The Peter Gruner Tribune article you defame (without having read!) is perfectly unbiased and he quotes your denial at length. Mr Gruner is a very good journalist.

    A simple logic point. That doesn’t mean he KNOWS that your comment wasn’t directed at us Mildmay residents. He’s a journalist, not a mind-reader. He reports what you SAY.

    He has told us what you typed on a Blog (I have checked and you did) and that you now say you were having a laugh and referring to Conservative colleagues.

    You are, I assume, an experienced politician. You will therefore appreciate that most people aren’t going to believe you. Most people will think ‘Well he would say that’. Other people will just hear on the grapevine that a(nother) politician has said we’re all scum. So it goes.

    Afraid the Casablanca comment is above my head but I do remember Rick saying,

    “You’ll excuse me, gentlemen. Your business is politics, mine is running a saloon.”

    …and I think I’ve wasted quite enough of my time on this too so goodbye.

  • It's a two-horse race 22nd Apr '07 - 12:30pm

    So, Mr. Pack, what your view on Judy-come-lately’s commenst?

  • Angus J Huck 22nd Apr '07 - 9:46pm

    Oh, come on, Bird Watcher! What about Anthony Crosland swanning along the Brighton seafront late at night moaning about “f***ing proles”? This was a politician who believed it simply wasn’t worth talking to people who hadn’t been educated at Oxbridge. Yet he was a Labour Foreign Secretary. And they call it the “people’s party”?!

  • Sounds like it’s a bit of tit for tat.

  • This is terrible. The Lib Dems are making the Tories look intelligent. Why shouldn’t Newman insult his fellow Tories for gross incompetance? Surely that saves you lot doing it?

  • It's a one-horse race 23rd Apr '07 - 10:02pm

    Lilith, Pack has lost the plot. Cowley Street wll soon give him his P45.

  • Mildmay resident 24th Apr '07 - 4:35pm

    I knew I shouldn’t have returned to look at this thread…

    Newmania: “My business is not politics I work for a living”.

    – Ditto.

    Newmania on me: “You need a little lie down I think, you are clearly over excited.”

    – Thank you – and I have to say I think you come across as a pale imitation of Boris Johnson, only without any of the wit or the charm. Insulting your (ex?) colleagues isn’t very endearing either.

    Newmania on Mildmay Ward: “It seems rather salubrious to me as a place.I suspect the residents live from sundried Jalapenos drizzled with Olive Oil suffused with something.”

    – Yes, politics very clearly isn’t your business or you’d know a little about Islington history or might have explored it more. Largely decent but largely poor would be nearer the mark for Mildmay.

    – The Ward was one of the original 88 Neighbourhood Renewal Areas.

    – Due to the recent influx of ‘suits’, the largely intact street of mid-Victorian houses I live in is now only in the bottom 11% in the country on the Index of Multiple Deprivation. Shame we rent.

    – The Mayville LSOA area where I work is two streets away and in the bottom 4%.

  • Richard Underhill 20th Dec '18 - 10:47am

    Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn (Labour) is accused of mouthing “stupid woman” at PMQ on 19/12/2018. He denied it.
    On the Peston show on ITV Labour MP Angela Rayner called Theresa May “pig-headed”, but got no adverse reaction. The PM’s determination is widely understood, but she has gone too far recently, creating an unprecedented Contempt of Parliament and delaying the “meaningful vote” which was ordered by the Supreme Court. Her call to “Look behind you” is a set-up for noisy Tory MPs. There is safety in numbers, but does she have the numbers? We need to know.

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