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Jake Holland writes: Connect is here to help you win

All Liberal Democrat campaigners will agree that there’s no worse feeling at the end of a hard-fought election campaign than losing by a handful of votes.

In the 2010 General Election, we were less than 1000 votes away from winning in 10 constituencies. Analysing these results, it was clear that our campaign technology had fallen behind the other two main parties. Tasks that our opponents took for granted, such as linking a campaign system directly to a website, or organising a nationwide volunteer phone bank, were beyond our capabilities.

Connect is the cutting edge in campaign technology that will put us

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Liberal Lords a-blogging

The Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords have launched a new eNewsletter.

Every month you can be updated on what’s happening in the House of Lords, what the members of our group in the House of Lords have been up to and read a short Op-Ed from one of the Lib Dems in the Lords.

This month Tom McNally has written about the group’s role holding the Government to account (see below).

You can read the full newsletter at

Holding the Government to account

The partial reform of the House of Lords in 1998 was one of those acts

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