Federal Committee elections – voting instructions to be dispatched this week

Nominations have now closed for elections to Federal Committees, and I’m pleased to say that members have responded extremely well to the call for nominations. There’s a great set of candidates for positions on our Federal Committees, and I would encourage you to read through their manifestos before deciding who to vote for. Manifestos will be made available online as part of the voting website once voting opens.

Voting instructions are being dispatched in the post and should arrive this week. The deliveries are staggered, so some members may receive their voting instructions earlier in the week than others, so don’t worry if you see others voting before you. This is to ensure everyone is able to vote online without incident.

If you have any questions, all of the information that you need will be on the Internal Elections section of the website, which can be found here.

Tim Gordon

Chief Executive and Acting Returning Officer

PS In Richmond Park we have the mountain of Zac Goldsmith’s 23,000 majority to climb. We are getting a very positive response on the doorstep to both our brilliant candidate Sarah Olney and to our message on Europe. There is all to play for. But only if we get enough people like you there to help. Find out more about how you can help here.


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* Tim Gordon is Chief Executive of the Liberal Democrats.

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