« Proof that not *all* Tories are bonkers on Europe (and nor was Mrs Thatcher)

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  • User AvatarAlison Crawford 18th Jan - 2:59pm
    I too agree with David Evershed. We really need to revolutionise our communications system to make it less frustrating for the troops on the ground.
  • User AvatarClare 18th Jan - 2:55pm
    What’s missing from this piece is the reasoning and justification for what appears to be a slow process in selecting our new leader. I trust...
  • User AvatarWilliam Francis 18th Jan - 2:43pm
    Ed Davey was prompting this idea back when he was running for Lib Dem leader. We should really have been owning this policy. Liberals like...
  • User AvatarMalcolm 18th Jan - 2:37pm
    This is clever way of helping Ed Davey to get the job permanently. He will now have 5 months to show what he can do...
  • User AvatarPaul Barker 18th Jan - 2:09pm
    This article would have made a lot more sense if the first section wasnt in it. My advice would be to take it down &...
  • User AvatarIan 18th Jan - 1:50pm
    It ought to have been obvious to the party that the Revoke policy was a mistake. For generations we have rightly criticised our voting system...