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Join Nick Clegg online for The Great Debate

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The power of enforced brevity

‘Quality, not quantity’ – that was a regular theme in predictions made for what would happen to social networks during 2009 (for example, here). In other words, attention would shift from ‘how many friends/followers/fans have I got?’ to ‘who can I drop so that I’m not drowning in information?’

So far, those predictions aren’t looking that good, because not only has much of the buzz about social networks been around Twitter and the huge growth in the number of friends and followers, but also there hasn’t been a growth in applications and hacks to help with culling – usually a …

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Howard Dean in under 12secs

Continuing our exciting use of new technology, Helen Duffett brings Howard Dean to the 12seconds.tv platform

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Nick Clegg’s priority this conference

Nick Clegg’s priority this conference comes over loud and clear in this 12second clip:

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