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A personal guide to the 13 most essential political podcasts

podcastsCommuting is a major part of my daily life, so I find podcasts are an essential way to make use of time I’d otherwise spend staring vacantly out the window or idly refreshing and re-refreshing Twitter. Here, in order of where they appear in my iTunes directory, are the podcasts I listen to most frequently…

The Economist’s podcasts – a good mix of audio recordings of selected articles from the print edition together with brief discussions involving the Economist’s expert correspondents. Slightly irritatingly the sound can vary between recordings, so you …

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Your essential weekend reader — my personal pick of the week’s must-reads

It’s Saturday evening, so here are twelve thought-provoking articles to stimulate your thinking juices culled from all those I’ve linked to this last week. You can follow me on Delicious here.

Political predictions: as the year ends, what does 2013 hold for the main party leaders? – Andrew Rawnsley sanely assesses the 12 months to come: ‘Nick Clegg and David Cameron face more of the same. Ed Miliband’s future is more complicated. He has choices.’

No longer the dunce – Anne McElvoy whispers the …

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LibLink: Now Nick Clegg is leading the Tories by the nose

Ann McElvoy, writing in the Evening Standard, adds an interesting perspective on Coalition life:

Look, for instance, at the policy writhing on tuition fees of the main party in power. On Monday, I chaired a meeting at the University of London on the future of higher education. David Willetts, the universities minister, ran the gauntlet of students shouting “F*** the fees” with the look of a man who knows that he is to this generation of uppity students what Keith Joseph was in my youth: permanent quarry.

Yet his message, through clenched teeth, was that fees would still be capped under

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  • User AvatarInnocent Bystander 15th Dec - 10:40am
    I was just looking back at the first election I went to in the 60's. The Libs were led by a "Jo" and had 12...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 15th Dec - 10:40am
    @ John Marriott, "If the economy tanks, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be the EU gets the blame." It will tank...
  • User AvatarMartin 15th Dec - 10:38am
    Gwyn Williams: UTR? - Unique Tax Reference? Urinary Tract Relief? Under The Radar? Universal Tennis Rating? Has it anything to do with taking away money...
  • User AvatarGwyn Williams 15th Dec - 10:17am
    Adding my congratulations to Mark. His first and urgent job is to repair the damage that the outgoing President and others did to the relationship...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 15th Dec - 10:16am
    @ Arnold Kiel, "Think Orban, Kaczynski, Babis, Salvini (likely back by then), LePen (possibly)." Not our problem any longer! Except we'll have to work out...
  • User AvatarJim Smith 15th Dec - 10:16am
    I agree that some sort of centre-left pack will be needed in the future, as long as we keep having to use FPTP. One thing...
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