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What will the political fallout from the peers lobbying scandal be?

An intriguing report in today’s Sunday Times:

PEERS who avoid tax or have criminal convictions – such as Lord Archer and Lord Black – are to be expelled from the House of Lords in the wake of the lords for hire scandal.

The reforms are being drawn up by Jack Straw, the justice secretary, in an attempt to restore the Lords’ battered reputation after last weekend’s revelations in The Sunday Times. He plans to enact the legislation necessary to expel them before the general election…

Lord Ashcroft, the billionaire Tory donor, has repeatedly refused to confirm his tax status, while Lord Laidlaw,

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Best thing since sliced bread

In a little light relief from news of Labour donation scandals and blasphemous teddy bears, Tory Baroness Gardner of Parks gave an interview to Radio 5 Live this morning about sliced bread.

It’s too thick, she thinks. “In central London you can hardly buy a thin or medium-sliced loaf of bread and any sandwich that you buy in any supermarket is now made with thick bread.” And such expanding slices of bread are leading to expanding waistlines, she believes.

She felt so strongly on the issue she asked the question in the Lords:

there be more pressure from the

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