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WATCH: The Lib Dem manifesto launch in British Sign Language

From a couple of weeks ago, a reminder of Tim Farron’s speech from the Lib Dem manifesto launch in British Sign Language

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  • User AvatarJohn Roffey 20th Jan - 12:57pm
    @Peter Watson It did look at one stage as if there was agreement to focus on the climate emergency and measures to reduce UK emissions...
  • User AvatarStephen Howse 20th Jan - 12:28pm
    Re: Ambighter - "Stephen Howse- More pertinent is will Starmer etc want to work with LDs?" They don't have to work directly with us, and...
  • User AvatarDenis Loretto 20th Jan - 12:23pm
    Sorry for misspeak above. I meant "reassure Labour voters".
  • User AvatarDenis Loretto 20th Jan - 12:20pm
    Too many posters on here have a very exaggerated view of the influence wielded by the Lib Dems. The idea that our toning down criticism...
  • User AvatarPeter Watson 20th Jan - 12:20pm
    "I am surprised that we as Liberal Democrats have not focused more on this issue." Really? Apart from Brexit, the leftward move of the Labour...
  • User AvatarMark Blackburn 20th Jan - 12:18pm
    Superficially one might think that RLB victory would open up an opportunity for us, but due to First Past The Post the irony is fear...