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LDVideo: So you want to watch 6mins 23secs of Lembit Öpik in a wrestling ring? You got it…

This weekend Jonathan Calder brought us the news that Lembit Öpik had contrived an appearance in a wrestling ring at Welshpool Town Hall. Distressingly, video footage has now been unleashed:

(Available on YouTube here.)

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Roberta Blackman-Woods – desperately sabre-rattling on her MP’s expenses

Ah, the old tricks are always the best. Readers may recall during the Henley by-election campaign, the Tories issued an empty threat to sue the Lib Dems “unless the Lib Dems withdraw a leaflet and remove claims from their website by noon”. Of course, they didn’t do it but a gullible media ran with the story anyway.

Fast forward a couple of years, and it seems Labour’s Roberta Blackman-Woods is apeing the Tories’ tactics. Here’s what Politics.co.uk has to say:

Roberta Blackman-Woods MP (City of Durham) has instructed solicitors to inform the Liberal Democrat candidate that she must apologise for

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  • User AvatarChris Bertram 9th Apr - 10:31am
    @Chris Cory: Absolutely right. There's a lot of pushing at open doors going on here, and manufacturing grievance gets nobody anywhere very fast. In fact...
  • User AvatarPeter Watson 9th Apr - 10:30am
    @Peter Martin "We are asking a lot just at the moment." But obviously one of the things we are asking is for them not to...
  • User AvatarDan M-B 9th Apr - 10:15am
    "Is it really suggested that with the UK (at least for the foreseeable future) outside the European Union these principles will be torn up? "...
  • User AvatarDavid Raw 9th Apr - 9:59am
    @ Denis Loretto "Now hang on a minute". A clear statement of the Constitution, Denis. But it begs the question of whether the party when...
  • User AvatarDilettante Eye 9th Apr - 9:48am
    Agree with Peter Martin regarding the EU. They created the Euro in the hubris of the good times with no structural mechanisms to deal jointly...
  • User AvatarAndrew Tampion 9th Apr - 9:42am
    Denis Loretto 9th 9.09am I agree with you that we are a party of internationalism and free trade. However I think you making the mistake...
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