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1,831 Thank Yous to all LDV readers who supported our election appeal

A couple of months ago, Lib Dem Voice identified five candidates standing for the party in this general election in winnable seats whose campaigns needed a helping hand from readers willing to make a donation.

Thank you to all LDV readers who responded – collectively you helped raise some £1,831, a terrific response. Two of the five candidates, Lorely Burt and Stephen Lloyd, are now MPs thanks to the campaigns they ran. Our commiserations and best wishes for their future campaigns go to the three – Willie Rennie, Sal Brinton and Carol Woods – who didn’t make it this time.

All general donations to the LDV election appeal have been shared equally between the five, and cheques will be winging their way to their local parties this week.

Here’s the final tally for the LDV election appeal:

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Lib Dem donation figures in full (Q1, 2010). Make today the day you donate.

The Electoral Commission has today published the latest donation and borrowing figures for the political parties, showing that the Lib Dems raised just over £1.9 million in the first three months of this year. Below is the full breakdown of cash and non-cash donations received by quarter since 2005, and annually between 2001 and 2004.

By comparison, the party raised £3.7m in the first quarter of 2005 (leading up to that year’s general election) – but that did of course include that £2.4m donation from Michael Brown. If we exclude that one-off donation, which had to be spent immediately under the terms of the gift agreement, the Lib Dems have raised considerably more this time around.

Our figures are of course dwarfed by the Tories and Labour fundraising among their friends in big business and the trade unions. Labour has raised £3.6m during this election campaign alone, the Tories a further £4.43m. The Lib Dems: £200k. And yet our party is level-pegging with Labour in the polls, and just a notch or two behind the Tories. You want to know which party genuinely understands the concept of value-for-money? Go figure.

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‘Cleggmania’ sees surge in Lib Dem donations: have you given yet?

The Times reports:

The Liberal Democrats have benefited from a double-digit percentage surge in party donations since Nick Clegg’s success in the first television debate almost a fortnight ago.

The Times has learnt that the bulk of the increase in political funds has come from individuals — especially through the internet — who typically give around £20 each. The Lib Dems have the highest proportion of individual donors of any of the three main parties. …

One senior Lib Dem told The Times that the party started with about £4 million to spend on running its general election campaign, but that the

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Agree with Nick, too? Here’s 4 things you can do today #iagreewithnick

You’ve watched the debate, you’ve heard Nick Clegg, and like millions of others you like what you saw and heard. But what next?

Here are four simple things you can do to help turn Nick’s words into
actions that bring about real change and make Britain fairer:

1. Join the Liberal Democrats:

Politics isn’t about one man bands: Nick Clegg and Vince Cable need a strong team behind them supporting their work.

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Donate today – help get the Lib Dems off to a flying start! #ge2010

Today marked the official start of the general election campaign. And today’s the day you could help ensure the Lib Dems get the best possible result – by making a donation to support the Lib Dem Voice election appeal.

Thanks to the support of LDV readers, we have just crossed the £1,000 threshold – a terrific response. But the candidates in our five battleground seats will need more than that to help get their campaigns off to a flying start.

So please: make a donation to help the Lib Dems today.

Here are some examples of what your gift could do to help the party get its message across:

    * £10 will pay for a Focus newsletter for 500 houses
    * £25 will buy 2,000 tabloid-style newspapers
    * £50 pays for a dozen super-size election garden posters
    * £100 will cover a Focus leaflet for a whole ward
    * £250 will pay for 10,000 addressed letters to be delivered by volunteers
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Election Appeal: Help elect Sal Brinton in Watford – DONATE to her campaign TODAY

Liberal Democrat Voice is running a special appeal to raise funds for five of the party’s very best general elections candidates – all of whom have a real chance of winning but need your help NOW to ensure they do win.

Click here to make a donation TODAY.

Today we’re highlighting the campaign of Sal Brinton, Lib Dem candidate for Watford …

Watford nearly proved to be one of the shocks of the 2005 General Election, as Sal Brinton took the Lib Dems from a distant third place to a very close second. Just 1,148 votes separate Sal from Labour Minister and

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Roberta Blackman-Woods – desperately sabre-rattling on her MP’s expenses

Ah, the old tricks are always the best. Readers may recall during the Henley by-election campaign, the Tories issued an empty threat to sue the Lib Dems “unless the Lib Dems withdraw a leaflet and remove claims from their website by noon”. Of course, they didn’t do it but a gullible media ran with the story anyway.

Fast forward a couple of years, and it seems Labour’s Roberta Blackman-Woods is apeing the Tories’ tactics. Here’s what Politics.co.uk has to say:

Roberta Blackman-Woods MP (City of Durham) has instructed solicitors to inform the Liberal Democrat candidate that she must apologise for

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Election appeal – can you make a donation to help these 5 Lib Dem candidates today?

The next general election, if it held as widely expected on 6th May, is less than two months away. In which case, there is less than eight weeks for the Lib Dems to work for every vote we can in order to put an end to Gordon Brown’s disastrous Labour Government, and make sure David Cameron cannot wreak havoc at the helm of the Tories.

No one can be sure what will happen, what the results might be. But one thing’s for certain. Labour and the Tories will have the advantage of being bank-rolled by the unions and big business and folk like Lord Ashcroft. There’s only one way to level the playing field, and that’s for all of us who want the Lib Dems to have the best chance possible to dip into our pockets and give what we can to the party.

That’s why Lib Dem Voice is running an election appeal to promote making a donation to the party. We have identified five Lib Dem candidates standing in five seats, all of them in real need of a helping hand. Any donation you can spare – £10, £100, £250, or any amount inbetween or higher – will make a difference.

To make a donation to the Lib Dem Voice election appeal fund to be shared equally between LDV’s five profiled candidates, please click here.

Here are the five we are asking you to help us get behind:

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Election Appeal: Help re-elect Willie Rennie – DONATE to his campaign TODAY

Over the next five weeks, Lib Dem Voice is going to be asking all our Lib Dem-supporting readers to consider making a donation to support five candidates standing for the party at the imminent general election.

We know many of you will already be donating to the national party and/or your local party. We know not everyone will be able to afford to make a donation. But we hope that as many of you as are able will spare whatever spare cash you can to support the Lib Dem candidates we will be profiling in the coming weeks.

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