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Legal action may bar council leader from office – and raise questions about the Electoral Commission’s lack of action

North West Leicestershire District Council leader Conservative Richard Blunt is facing High Court action from a defeated opponent over whether or not he was actually qualified to stand.

Blunt appears to have qualified to stand under the provision that he owned property in the area. However the wording of the law is unclear, talking about “occupying as owner” with the possible implication that therefore you also have to actually be living or otherwise have use of the property. In Blunt’s case, though, the property was rented out to others – leading the defeated independent candidate Colin Roberts to argue that …

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  • User AvatarDavid Evershed 4th Jul - 2:29am
    Some define their left wingness by how much they hate Conservative policies rather than any positive criteria.
  • User AvatarMike Read 4th Jul - 12:23am
    Good post, thank you. As someone who voted in every leadership contest the party has ever had I am very undecided this time! In the...
  • User AvatarLorenzo Cherin 4th Jul - 12:04am
    The coalition is only the disaster it is for some because it was then a one off, as far as some think. This is skewed....
  • User AvatarAlan Jelfs 4th Jul - 12:02am
    Could someone explain to me how Britain is a better place now than when the coalition ended in 2015?
  • User AvatarLorenzo Cherin 3rd Jul - 11:57pm
    Actually the description of George about left wing failure or otherwise, is very interesting but I disagree with it. It would be more a case...
  • User AvatarJohn O 3rd Jul - 11:54pm
    Don't want to do another coalition but want to change the voting system to PR that would result in coalitions?