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“You should have slept with mayor’s wife instead”

So reads the headline in today’s edition of The Star from Sheffield. It reports on the latest fall out amongst local Conservatives over the sacking of their prospective Parliament candidate for Sheffield Hallam, Daniel Gage:

A TOP Sheffield Tory told a parliamentary candidate he had to quit for missing town council meetings – but may have been able to stay on had he “slept with the mayor’s wife” instead.

Alan Ryder, deputy chairman of Sheffield Hallam Conservatives, emailed barman Daniel Gage, aged 24, after he stood down as the party’s candidate against Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg at the general

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Nick’s Sheffield Hallam opponent quits as Tory candidate after just 10 days

Last week, LDV reported the Tories’ embarrassment in Nick Clegg’s seat of Sheffield Hallam, where news had just emerged that the party’s newly selected candidate had been kicked off a town council for failing to attend meetings.

The Tories’ Daniel Gage vowed at the time to fight on, promising a 20-year plan to take the seat from the Lib Dems. Just a few hours later he was ‘resigned’ by the local Tory association.

The Sheffield Telegraph tells all:

Daniel Gage, aged 24, was selected on November 7 as the Conservative representative to challenge Mr Clegg for his Sheffield Hallam seat.

But his campaign

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Conservative PPC kicked off council for non-attendance

The Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Hallam, Daniel Gage, would face a pretty uphill task to defeat Nick Clegg in any event. But he’s just made that job a whole lot harder, by being kicked off a town council for failing to turn up to meetings.

The Sheffield Telegraph reports:

Daniel Gage, one of five Tories on Dronfield Town Council, has been disqualified after failing to attend a single council meeting in the last six months.

Mr Gage, aged 24, said he is ‘heartbroken’ to have been kicked off the council just days before he was due to launch his campaign to

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