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Norman Baker, conspiracy theories and Theresa May

Norman BakerNick Clegg’s decision to reshuffle Jeremy Browne out of the Home Office and Norman Baker in has triggered a mini-furore, with plenty on the authoritarian right outraged at his appointment to the Home Office given he’s the author of a book suggesting MI5 covered up the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly.

The best riposte I’ve seen has been from Jonathan Calder over at Liberal England:

Some will question Norman’s conspiracy theories about the death of David Kelly. To that, I would merely point out that in an

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LibLink … Norman Baker: Hutton was farcical, feeble and amateurish… so we MUST be told the truth next week

Over at the Mail, Lib Dem MP Norman Baker writes about the imminent appearance of Tony Blair in front of the Chilcot Inquiry into the war in Iraq – and makes a plea for the Hutton Inquiry’s inadequate questioning of how government scientist and former UN weapons inspector Dr David Kelly really died. Here’s an excerpt:

… the fact that we, the British people, have had to wait seven long years for justice is a disgrace, and much of the blame can be firmly laid at the door of one man: Lord Brian Hutton. … when Lord Hutton finally reported in

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Telegraph: Dr David Kelly – doctors start legal action for new inquest

Two years ago, Lib Dem MP Norman Baker, in an article published here on Lib Dem Voice, asserted that the questions arising from the death of UN weapons inspector David Kelly – the BBC’s source for the allegations that the Government ‘sexed-up’ its WMD dossier in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq – would not go away because

… the conclusion that the government weapons inspector took his own life cannot be supported by the facts. … The key question was this: why was Dr Kelly’s such a strange death? Nobody would commit suicide that way, but nor can

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    terry 2nd Jun '20 - 9:22am................All these people campaigning to remove Cumings have probably spent the week end laying on the beach ,spreading the coronavirus...
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    Mark Argent refers to Cummings being behind the decision to call a GE last December. Mark, it takes two to tango, or, in this case,...
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    This sounds like just another bonkers conspiracy theory
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    All these people campaigning to remove Cumings have probably spent the week end laying on the beach ,spreading the coronavirus & leaving the beaches strewn...
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    @ Thomas, Thanks for the interesting link. It's hidden behind a paywall unfortunately so I've extracted part of it here. Studwell is partially right ....