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“Race advisor slams Lewisham Labour over ‘apartheid system'”

So reports the Lewisham News Shopper:

A RACE and equality advisor to the Mayor has resigned from the Lewisham Labour Party claiming it runs an “apartheid system”.

David Michael, chairman of Lewisham Local Police Consultative Group and Sir Steve Bullock’s advisor on community cohesion, was due to contest the Whitefoot ward in 2010 but has resigned claiming he was not supported by branch members…

Mr Michael, a resident of Catford for 26 years, says he and a number of other ethnic minority candidates have been marginalised by the party in a “scandalous apartheid system”, being put forward for unwinnable seats and given

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  • User AvatarMalc Poll 22nd Feb - 3:50pm
    EXCELLENT and well timed posting . I am writing such article atm ... But it wont be pretty , possibly brutal, but HONEST ! Thanks...
  • User AvatarDavid Raw 22nd Feb - 3:07pm
    I notice (not reported here) that two seats were lost on Ely Council yesterday, when two Lib Dem Councillors (one long standing, one elected last...
  • User AvatarMalc Poll 22nd Feb - 12:41pm
    Do you mean me tim ? If so name me so I can respond. Malc Poll
  • User AvatarPeter Chambers 22nd Feb - 12:16pm
    Good to see this business-like work. * long term spending based on long term income * fairness to staff - foundational * members and supporters...
  • User AvatarTim Hill 22nd Feb - 11:52am
    Despite some rather silly comments by others, bearing in mind the political history of the Ward, this is a good result for us. Not brilliant,...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 22nd Feb - 11:39am
    "This is because articles on eugenics do attract some fairly unpleasant people....." OK but this isn't really an article on eugenics. It would have been...