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15 February 2019 – today’s press releases

Lib Dems: Tories failing on air pollution

New figures released today by the Department for the Environment show that emissions of air pollutants have not dropped significantly over the past three years, despite the Government promising to tackle air pollution as a priority.

Responding to the figures, Alistair Carmichael, Liberal Democrat Environment Spokesperson, said:

These figures show that this Tory Government is failing to tackle air pollution, which they described themselves as ‘the biggest environmental threat to public health.’

Long-term exposure to these emissions can cause heart and lung problems as well as potentially contribute to cancers, with the young and the

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  • User AvatarCatherine Royce 1st Jun - 12:40pm
    I agree with Wera. This is the clearest and most concise strategy which encompasses our principles and values that I have read so far. Equidistance...
  • User AvatarMary Reid 1st Jun - 12:40pm
    @Ian Sanderson - so pleased you spotted all those factors. A lot of work went into making it as inclusive as possible. Note the two...
  • User AvatarTom Harney 1st Jun - 12:23pm
    Nick Shcherban’s contribution is very interesting. Certainly my opinion is that most people are looking for a new way of having accountability in a democracy....
  • User AvatarPeter Watson 1st Jun - 12:05pm
    @Ian Sanderson (RM3) If this site had a "Like" button, then I would press it for your comment!
  • User AvatarPeter Watson 1st Jun - 11:54am
    @Peter Martin In a bizarre way, it did feel as though the 2019 General Election was won by anti-Corbyn Labour MPs who had learnt from...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 1st Jun - 11:44am
    @ Alex Macafie, The Labour campaign in 2019 was sabotaged, partly by the very people who were paid to run the campaign. I've said that...