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Opinion: Lib Demonstrating – Let’s be bold, loud and visible!

Human Rights Act DemoSaturday 30th May was one of the best political days I’ve had in years. Not only was I demonstrating in support of the Human Rights Act but I was doing so with hundreds of other Liberal Democrats. Too much of our protesting in recent years has been behind the scenes. I wasn’t a member of the party when Charles Kennedy was proudly leading Liberal Democrats in opposition to the Iraq war, but it meant a lot to me and stuck with me. I think it’s time to get out there again – make sure our fellow citizens can see the #fightback!

The human rights demonstration was so inspiring for me not just because we were out there in force again – with our leaders, our activists, our banners, and so on, but because we were there with our supporters too. I spoke with lots of people who were not party members, but many of whom were thinking about joining and were taking the opportunity to chat with our leadership contenders as well as activists like me. They appreciated us being there. And it was really nice to be there with them.

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