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FFAC chair Greenland acknowledges LDV accreditation article was “unhelpful”

The chair of the Federal Finance and Administration Committee, Duncan Greenland has written an article in the Conference edition of Liberator on the highly controversial issue of Conference accreditation. A Liberal Democrat Voice poll in June, consistent with every other test of party opinion on the issue, showed that a majority of respondents opposed the system, which requires conference attendees to undergo police checks.

Mr Greenland felt that the Liberator coverage on the issue had been “misleading” and wanted to put the record straight about the process by which accreditation was approved. He stated that FFAC had become involved after …

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Live blogging: Reports of the Federal Executive and the Federal Finance and Administration Committee

Federal Executive (FE) report moved by Ros Scott – “I hope it is a sign that you are all fairly happy with the party that the room is emptying so rapidly.” Explains FE meetings always start with a session with Nick Clegg and also gets regular updates on the general and local election campaigns.

Explains how FE has changed more to a scrutiny model (cf House of Commons select committees) and has paid particular attention to party membership/recruitment and to IT.

Update on the Bones Commission report – those within the FE’s remit have now mostly been carried out. Creation of the …

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  • User AvatarNick Barlow 26th Feb - 12:08pm
    "Imagine a house filled with real experts in their fields, advising the government on their legislation without any political bias." Well, it would be interesting...
  • User AvatarFrank West 26th Feb - 12:05pm
    Probably a third of the English/Welsh population want to really remain in the EU, therefore another mad idea, why don't the SNP say that anyone...
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    Thanks for your interesting suggestion, Humphrey. I'll see what we can do. John McHugo/Lawrence Cox: the Chagos Islands situation is indeed a black mark in...
  • User AvatarTCO 26th Feb - 11:25am
    @expats "It is you who are missing the point…The reason Boris Johnson won was because he did the exact opposite of your claim; he promised...
  • User Avatarn hunter 26th Feb - 11:24am
    We need our own Cummings for the next election.
  • User AvatarManfarang 26th Feb - 11:21am
    John Hall If you are speaking about the West Bank then the settlements are regarded as illegal by the British government.