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New issue of Liberator out

It’s not often Liberator has a “hold the front page” moment but we did to briefly fit in something on the Guardian letter about party strategy and Ed Davey’s reaction to the 30 signatories, including by all accounts dissent at the Federal Policy Committee.

Find out the news in Radical Bulletin and the thoughts of Lord Bonkers, and this is what is in Liberator 420, which you can download for free here.

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What is the Government scared of in Lib Dem South Cambridgeshire’s trial of four-day working, wonders council leader Bridget Smith


Rebecca Tinsley wonders why mass killings in Sudan lack the attention focused on Gaza


Suella Braverman’s campaign against rough sleepers was enough to put J Frasier Hewitt off breakfast, and the rest of the Government looks hopeless to a former Tory too


Mid Bedfordshire showed the Liberal Democrats how not to campaign, but Michael Meadowcroft sees a lesson form Poland in how to effectively take on nationalism and populism


The failure in Mid Bedfordshire holds three lessons the Liberal Democrats should have the wisdom to learn from, says Roger Hayes


Getting the UK back into the European Union can only be a long-term goal, though one helped by Brexit’s manifest failings, says Nick Harvey


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Liberator 419 is out

You can download Liberator 419 for free here:

Find out the latest news in Radical Bulletin, while our Commentary wonders what the point is of the Liberal Democrat policy process and Lord Bonkers gives his view of the world.

You can sign up to be notified when each Liberator comes out here:  or visit our stall at Bournemouth


Serious poverty can be found even in the outwardly affluent Chesham and Amersham constituency. Sarah Green reports


Is stressing a candidates’ local connections really the best the party can do? David Grace looks at the conference agenda and fears the worst


The NHS is in crisis, water and rail privatisations have failed and Brexit is destroying living standards. It’s time for politicians to take the gloves off, says Paul Hindley


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Liberator 418 is out!

What’s inside this issue?

You can download Liberator 418 for free here: 




Voter ID has caused a damaging fall in the number of people who can vote and must be reversed before the assault on democracy worsens, says Shaun Roberts



Stephen Farry MP reports on the Alliance party’s progress in Northern Ireland as its politics slowly sheds past sectarianism



It may be necessary to have a tacit ‘progressive alliance’ at the next election but Liberal Democrats should remember that Labour is only slightly better than the Tories, says Peter Wrigley



Labour scuppered a progressive majority alliance at Cherwell District Council, the last bit of blue in Oxfordshire, says David Hingley



Donald Trump is in legal trouble, but there could be Republican candidates who are even worse, says Martha Elliott

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New issue of Liberator out

Liberator 414 can be downloaded here (click on the 414 icon). This is the free September 2022 online-only edition of Liberator and we hope you enjoy reading it.

You can sign up here to be emailed each time a new bi-monthly Liberator comes out.

What’s inside this issue?

Alongside Radical Bulletin, Commentary and Lord Bonkers’ Diary, Liberator 414 includes:


The Tories have made the worst of a bad choice of leader, Nick Winch looks at how to beat them


There’s one in the political room, it’s called Brexit. Labour ignores it and the Lib Dems are shy of it. Confront it, says David Grace


Jonathan Calder concludes from Duncan Brack’s Compass Progressive Alliance publication that this concept cannot work if imposed top down


To go by at the Liberal Democrat conference agenda, no crises face the UK and a few detailed changes are all that is needed. Get real, says William Tranby


Liberal International can seem remote; Robert Woodthorpe Browne explains its work on human rights, climate justice and international trade.


Rose Stimson’s Ukrainian guests are now safely in the UK, no thanks to the Home Office.


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New issue of Liberator out

Liberator 413 can be downloaded here (click on the 413 icon). This is the free June 2022 online-only edition of Liberator and we hope you enjoy reading it.

You can sign up here to be emailed each time a new bi-monthly Liberator comes out.

What’s inside this issue?

Alongside Radical Bulletin, Commentary and the return of Lord Bonkers’ Diary, Liberator 413 includes:


A get rich quick culture and low expectations of politicians has led to the corruption of public life with ‘partygate’ only the tip of an iceberg, says Nick Winch


The Social Liberal Forum conference on 25 June looks at the UK, the European Union and the relationship with it the Government seeks to avoid, says David Grace


Rose Stimson wants to offer shelter to a Ukrainian mother and child but finds the UK government thwarting this despite its rhetoric


In the language question in Ukraine discrimination against Russian speakers is an invented grievance, say Iryna Barlit and Vladyslav Bandrovsky


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens to devastate world wheat supplies bringing starvation to poor countries far from the war, warns Phil Bennion


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Issue 412 of Liberator out – Ukraine, Erlend, Extinction Rebellion

Liberator 412 can be downloaded here . This is the April 2022 online-only edition of Liberator and we hope you enjoy reading it.

What’s inside this issue?

Alongside Radical Bulletin, Commentary and Letters, Liberator 412 includes:


Kiron Reid saw great hope on democracys eastern border in Ukraine when this article was published in Liberator 398 in November 2019 after the election of Volodymyr Zelenskyy as president. Following Russias invasion of Ukraine, we reprint it here, followed by some necessarily anonymous reflections on Ukraine now and the path to war from an observer

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Liberator 411 is out now

Liberator 411 is out and can be downloaded here.

This is the February 2022 online-only edition of Liberator and we hope you enjoy reading it.

Remember Liberator is now free and you can sign up on our website to get notifications of each new issue: www.liberatormagazine.org.uk

What’s inside this issue?

Alongside Radical Bulletin, Commentary and Reviews,  Liberator 411 includes:


The Liberal Democrats will be finished if they further narrow their appeal to voters, says Nick Harvey


Home secretary Priti Patels use of cross-channel refugees as a populist weapon hasnt been widely welcomed on the south coast, says Stewart Rayment


Last years two by-election gains showed what Big Hairy Audacious Campaignscan do. Now spread that to wider campaigning, says Roger Hayes


Authoritarianism characterises too many schools, when wellbeing should be at the heart of everything they do, says Liz Makinson


Afghan refugees are being persecuted by the Home Office for suggesting how it could save money, says Rebecca Tinsley

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Latest issue of Liberator published

The September 2021 issue of Liberator, Alistair Carmichael writes on vaccine ID cards, Norman Baker writes on trains and David Grace suggests we have a strategy without a strategy. Claire Tyler questions whether we are brave enough to pay for social care and Rebecca Tinsley writes on Sudan, Islamists and women. Alan Sherwell champions Universal Basic Income, Robert Brown says federalism could keep the UK together and Geoff Reid introduces us to green carrots.

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Newest issue of Liberator free online

Liberator’s second online only issue is out and available for free download at: www.liberatormagazine.org.uk

What’s inside?

Alongside Radical Bulletin, Letters, Reviews and Lord Bonkers’ Diary, Liberator 404 includes:

Conflict, uncertainty and being wrong: welcome to ‘the science’

Science isn’t about boffins imparting hard facts – it involves a lot of disagreement and uncertainty. Acknowledging this could improve both how politicians use science and public trust in them, says Christy Lawrance.

Dazed and confused

Constantly chasing regulations, the failure of ‘track and trace’ and local political incompetence have combined to make Covid-19’s second wave worse in northern England, says Jackie Pearcey.

Now go and sell it

The Liberal Democrats have backed the idea of a universal basic income. Now they must promote it as the cornerstone of a new radical politics, says Paul Hindley.

The North moves the political plates

Liberal Democrat conference had to duck the issue of English regions, but anger is rising in the north at the lack of devolution, says Tony Greaves.

Will he go quietly?

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Liberator’s first free online issue out now

Liberator’s first online issue is out and available for free download at: www.liberatormagazine.org.uk

Alongside Radical Bulletin, Letters, Reviews and Lord Bonkers’ Diary, Liberator 403 includes:

The coffee smells off

Ed Davey’s listening tour is all very well, but have the Lib Dems any idea what they want people to think about them, wonders David Grace.

Generous Gesture

Julian Huppert explains the origin of The Generous Society,Tom King’s new booklet on the meaning of liberal values.

Will Russia rescue Trump again?

Tell a big lie often enough and people will believe it; that is presidential politics in the age of Trump, says Martha Elliott.

Who won the Iraq war?

Turns out it was Iran as American errors left the country at the mercy of their militias and a revived IS, says Rebecca Tinsley.

My enemy’s enemy

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Last print issue of Liberator now free online

Liberator 402 is on its way to subscribers and is available as a free download from our website: www.liberatormagazine.org.uk 
This is our last issue in print, and future Liberators will be free downloads from the website, which also has a free archive of copies back to 2001.

In future anyone – not just subscribers – can download and read Liberator on any device they wish, print out parts of it and pass it on to anyone interested.

We will send out email notifications when each PDF issue comes out. To be on this list please visit our website to sign up or email us at: [email protected]

Liberator 402 includes:

The Next Leader Speaks

Ed Davey and Layla Moran answer Liberator’s questions on how they would approach being Lib Dem leader

Beads Without String

Hardly anyone knows what holds Liberal Democrat policies together and the party bores and baffles the public. Michael Meadowcroft suggests some solutions

Staring us in the Face

Responses are needed to everything from a pandemic-induced recession to Black Lives Matter, and a look at Liberal history will reveal many of them, says Trevor Smith

Getting the Builders In

Susan Simmonds finds much to think about in Layla Moran’s Build Back Better booklet

Liberal Lessons About a Painful Past

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New issue of Liberator free online

We’d intended to announce at York that Liberator will become a free online only publication in September.

Given the pandemic though, with potential readers stranded at home, we’re doing this a bit early with our 400th issue, which also marks Liberator’s 50th anniversary.

Go to: www.liberatormagazine.org.uk and you can download a pdf onto any device.

We will soon announce arrangements for those who’d like to sign up to be notified of when new issues come out.

Also now available on the website is our post-election review in Liberator 399.

Subscribers have been sent Liberator 400 by post and subject to how the present restrictions pan out we intend to produce Liberator 401 and 402 in print and then Liberator 403 will be online only. That was intended to coincide with the September conference but as that is in limbo we may have fortuitously picked the right time to go online only.

Liberator 400 includes:

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New issue of Liberator out

Issue 398 of Liberator will soon be on its way to subscribers and the free sample articles for this issue Liberalism After Brexit, by Bernard Greaves, and Another Capitalism is Possible, by Paul Hindley, are available here.

And for those facing the rigours of a winter general election, here is the front cover illustration.

Other articles in this issue are:

Answering To A Higher Authority – Tim Farron chose to join a notably hardline Christian group, and then wondered why his views were wildly incompatible with being Lib Dem leader. Liz Barker seeks answers in his new book

Army Dreamers – The west’s counter-insurgency strategy sees the UK and its allies are pouring money into the questionably effective armed forces of repressive governments, says Rebecca Tinsley

Ukraine’s Comedian is No Comic – As America’s impeachment hearings centre on President Trump’s relations with Ukraine’s comedian president, Kiron Reid looks at how the latter got elected

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New issue of Liberator out

New Issue of Liberator Out

Issue 397 of Liberator will soon be on its way to subscribers and the free sample articles for this issue are former Tory MP – now a Lib Dem – Harold Elletson on why Boris Johnson has no ‘bottom’, and Roger Hayes on how the Lib Dems can start to rebuild a broken Britain.

See: www.liberatormagazine.org.uk 

Liberator will be on sale at our stall in Bournemouth along with the new songbook – come and see us.

Also in this issue:

ANOTHER ALLIANCE? – Should there be a Remain Alliance involving Liberal Democrats at any imminent general election? Liberator canvassed some views, this is what we got

IS IT OUR FAULT? – Pro-European politicians have been too scared to make a robust case for the EU, and that includes the Liberal Democrats says David Grace

THE LEADER OF THE PACK – Jonathan Calder looks at the Social Liberal Forum’s new book on liberal ideas Wolves in the Forest

JUST THIS ONCE – The enormity of Brexit demands that Remain parties stand aside for each other, says Naomi Smith

THOUGHT SLAVERY WAS ABOLISHED? – Modern slavery is rife despite legislation, with UK nationals often the victims, says Isabelle Parasram

BRAZIL: BACK TO DARKNESS – A supported of torture, military dictatorship and white supremacy rules a potential economic giant and makes Donald Trump look like a liberal. Jonathan Fryer reports

THIS MAY NOT LAST LONG – Liberal Democrat MEPs have no idea how long they will serve in Brussels, but are making the most of their opportunities, says Jane Brophy

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New issue of Liberator out….

Issue 395 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

Our first free sample article for this issue gives Liberator’s take on the potential contenders – with varying degrees of probability – as the next leader following Vince Cable signalling his retirement.

In the second Paul Hindley wonders why the Lib Dems won’t grasp Liberal policies in place over decades offer solutions to the crises of Brexit and inequality,

Both are on: www.liberatormagazine.org.uk 

Also in this issue:

Getting on without us? – The UK may end up absent but European Parliament elections will be held in May. David Grace assesses the ALDE group’s chances

What’s the record of the last man standing? – Vince Cable probably did not intend to become leader in 2017, but as others fell away the job was his. How did he do, ask Ruth Coleman Taylor and Mick Taylor?

From riches to rags – Lorraine Zuleta charts Venezuela’s fall from wealth and democracy to poverty and repression under its socialist government

And they’re off! – With 16 candidates already in the field do the Democrats have any hope of finding someone who can beat Donald Trump asks James R Davidson

Porn baffles the tories – The Government’s bid to stop minors accessing porn sites is technologically illiterate and bound to fail, says Natasha Chapman

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The past can be useful

My wife, Ruth, has had a collection of boxes, originally some 30 strong, in which she stored both personal and political stuff, waiting for the opportune moment to open them and sort out the treasure trove within.

That job is now underway and there are minutes of both NLYL and ULS as well as a huge collection of newsletters produced by all manner of Liberal activists in the late sixties and seventies. Radical Bulletin, Gunfire, New Outlook, Liberator and a whole raft of local stuff from Young Liberal and Liberal Student groups from Scotland to Cornwall. It even included some copies of Clockwork Orange, a Manchester ULS publication that I started in 1971/2 and that was then carried on by Pat Coleman.

Political discourse in the 60s and 70s was carried out by meeting and pamphlet.

Ruth reminded me that Young Liberal branches often met weekly to discuss politics and campaigns, actually campaigned most weekends and met up socially as well.

There were frequent conferences on political issues and both the Young Liberals and the Liberal Party had council meetings on a regular basis (the ‘Council’ was the policymaking body between Conferences), primarily on political issues.

Liberal Party Constituency and branch meetings were at least monthly. In short, our politics centred on meeting together, talking about ideas and putting them down on paper for discussion in order to get out and campaign together.

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New issue of Liberator out

Issue 393 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

Our first free sample article for this issue is by Sarah Green deploring the diversion of money and time caused by the way Vince Cable’s reform proposals were handled.

In the other free article, Liverpool group leader Richard Kemp explains why he for one is not a ‘moderate’.

Both are on: www.liberatormagazine.org.uk 

Also in this issue:

Reverse Double – The Immigration debate at Brighton showed the party both morally and politically wrong, says Natasha Chapman 

Damned From the Start –The Liberal Democrats’ new foreign policy paper is riddled with flaws, hardly surprising when …

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New issue of Liberator out

Issue 388 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

Find out with our two free articles from this issue how Adrian Sanders thinks there is an ‘exit from Brexit ‘, and why Rebecca Tinsley is sounding the alarm over the persecution of Cameroon’s English speakers.

Also in this issue:

Blood Flows in Myanmar – Phil Bennion describes Liberal International’s activity to try to protect the Rohingya

How Universities Sold Their Souls – Trevor Smith looks at why seats of learning decided to chase money

Battling Brexit From the Red Benches – Tony Greaves on what Lib Dem peers can do to try to halt Brexit

Corbyn is Nick Clegg’s Fault – Allan Biggar has been out of active politics for many years, and looks at whether he should contemplate a return.

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Conference issue of LIberator out

Issue 386 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

Find out with our two free articles from this issue why Norman Lamb wants the party to tackle the endemic powerlessness that helped lead to Brexit, and why Sarah Olney might have benefitted from a ‘progressive alliance’ in Richmond Park, but views the idea with great suspicion.

Also in this issue:

John Pugh says a state that wants to enable has to be active too.

Sarah Green looks at who the new Liberal Democrats are, as they now vastly outnumber the old ones.

Jonathan Calder revisits the work of Richard Rorty, a philosopher who has much to tell liberals now about what happened when the cultural left supplanted the reformist one.

Roger Hayes argues that opposing Brexit and the economic crisis it threatens isn’t Liberal Democrat policy, but the context against which the party must set its policy.

Wendy Kyrle-Pope looks at how to tempt savers into investing in new affordable housing, while Jon Reeds says homes should not be directed into ’garden towns’ that waste land.

Rebecca Tinsley reports on why too much foreign aid money goes into perpetuating inadequate education systems in sub-Saharan Africa.

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New issue of Liberator out

Issue 385 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

This includes in Radical Bulletin our piecing together of the story of Tim Farron’s resignation and who did and did not conspire to do what. We also look at what went on in some controversies over candidates and campaigns.

Its traditional for Liberator to send a questionnaire to leadership contenders, so we did so even though there is only one and Vince Cable’s answers can be seen here.

This issue’s other free sample article is Liz Barker’s recounting of how she tried to get Tim Farron to see the political implications of his views on gay sex.

Elsewhere, Liberator includes Vauxhall candidate George Turner’s criticism of party headquarters’ role in his campaign, reflections on the results from Tony Greaves,  Michael Meadowcroft, Paul Hindley, Nigel Lindsay and others, and to remind us that it’s not just the UK that has had a general election, Marianne Magnin reports on Macron’s win in France.

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New issue of Liberator out

Issue 384 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

This necessarily rather truncated pre-election issue’s free sample online content is from Claire Tyler on why the poor pay more by being excluded from financial services, and Andrew Duff on why the UK should seek an association agreement with the EU

Elsewhere in the issue there is:
How the Lib Dems Lost Their Think Tank – Seth Thevoz analyses Centre Forum’s slide out of liberal politics and eventual demise
Out With the Old – English county results show some old guards should step aside, says Chris White

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New issue of Liberator out

Issue 383 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

This issue’s free sample online content is from Tony Greaves on what ‘taking back control’ really means, and from Dave Raval on why the much-vaunted post-Brexit trade deals will bring more problems.

Elsewhere in the issue there is:

On the Fence With A Part-Time Submarine

Liberal Democrats look set to yet again show they lack the guts to scrap the waste of money that is Trident, says David Grace

A Vote for A Delusion

Leave voters who think they have made Britain a global player again are in for a shock, says Paul Hindley

The Tinkerbell Approach to Politics

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New issue of Liberator out

Issue 382 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

This issue’s free sample online content is from Nick Harvey on winning back support in the south west from voters who may have backed Brexit, and from Lester Holloway on whether the Alderdice review of diversity will tackle issues facing Liberal Democrats from ethnic groups

Elsewhere the new issue has:


by Claire Tyler, who has secured new legislation to improve child mental


TROUBLE IN J-TOWN by Rebecca Tinsley, who has seen terrorism, religious polarisation, and eye-watering corruption in northern Nigeria

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New Issue of Liberator out

Issue 381 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

This issue’s free sample online content is from Tony Greaves on the people who have joined Labour’s Momentum and whether they pose a threat to the Liberal Democrats, and from David Grace on why Liberal Democrat MPs should be ready to oppose Brexit.

Elsewhere the issue has Michael Meadowcroft’s explanation of why the Leave campaign’s mis-selling means the referendum result should be overturned.

Jennie Rigg wonders if Brexit supporters are in the grip of a cargo cult and Tom Clifford looks at the context of the far right’s growth in Europe.

David Boyle explains …

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New issue of Liberator out…

Issue 380 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers, and the magazine can be bought from our stall at the Brighton conference. It’s only £25 a year.

This issue’s free sample online content is from former MP David Howarth on how to use the 48% as the basis for building a core vote, and from Lord Trevor Smith on how politics must respond to the effects of ‘robber barons and falling incomes’.

Elsewhere the issue has:

  • Norman Baker on what it was like to work with Theresa May in government.
  • An analysis by Seth Thevoz of how the Liberal Democrats badly misdirected their campaign spending at the last general election.
  • Paul Hindley on why the north mainly voted for Brexit.
  • Rebecca Tinsley explains the fresh outbreak of war in South Sudan.
  • Our American correspondents Christine and Dennis Graf look at whether Donald Trump can be stopped.
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New issue of Liberator out

Issue 379 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

This issue’s free sample online content is from Baroness Julie Smith on what went wrong with the Remain campaign, and Roger Hayes on a plan to take the political temperature of the post-referendum UK and devise liberal responses to this.

Elsewhere the issue has the Commentary on how 48% of the electorate is an ample pool in which the party can fish, news and gossip in Radical Bulletin, reviews and Lord Bonkers’ Diary.

There is also more referendum reaction from: Kiron Reid, Sir Graham Watson, Jane McBennett and Lord Trevor Smith and a set of Vox Pops from party activists.

Jonathan Calder looks at the final disgrace of Tony Blair in the Chilcot report, David Grace reviews David Laws’ book on the Coalition and Energlyn Churchill assesses what he calls the Welsh Liberal Democrats’ existential crisis. Nick Winch contributes an obituary for David Rendel.

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Sad news: Former Glee Club host Ralph Bancroft has died

Last night, Ralph’s brother left a comment on our piece about former Glee Club pianist Liz Rorison’s death to say that her old friend and Glee Club host from the 90s had passed away on Saturday night.

Before we published this sad news, I wanted to make sure that his friends and colleagues in the party were all aware. Current Glee Club host Gareth Epps has written a tribute to him over on Liberator’s blog.

Based in Harrow for many years, Ralph was a Young Liberal and went to Sussex University before being employed in Parliament, in the heady days of there being 14 Liberal MPs.  He rose to work in the Whips’ Office during the 1977-8 Lib-Lab Pact.  He subsequently used his considerable political acumen to advise Liberals and Liberal Democrats in council administrations, and was particularly proud to become Head of Office of Andrew Wiseman’s administration in Harrow in the 1990s.  Ralph was also a champion on online engagement and of the cix online conferencing system that was an integral part of party activity at that time

Together with his good friend the late Liz Rorison, Ralph and his ever-present pipe were also for many years the linchpin of the Glee Club as it transformed from an informal gathering around a hotel piano to the unique event it is today.  He also appeared in many memorable sketches at the Liberal Revue.

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Issue 376 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers

This issue’s free sample online content is the Commentary on how the party got both the vote on Syria wrong and the process leading up to it.

Also as a free sample, Seth Thevoz describes how, as he saw it, the attempted ousting of Nick Clegg after the disastrous results of May 2014 nearly succeeded – and why it didn’t.

Elsewhere the issue has news and gossip in Radical Bulletin, book reviews, Lord Bonkers’ latest thoughts and among the articles:

More Cats Needed: Sarah Green offers an answer to the Liberal Democrats’ essay competition

Not In My Name: By backing bombing in Syria the …

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What’s in the Conference issue of Liberator?

Issue 374 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers and will be on sale from our stall at the Bournemouth conference.

This issue’s free sample online content is the Commentary on what the party is for if when it shares national power it can survive neither a coalition with the Conservatives nor, a generation ago, a pact with Labour. A second Commentary provides some hopefully helpful guidance for new members.

Also available is Professor Alex Marsh’s article on how government policy is squeezing poor people out of affordable homes.

See: www.liberatormagazine.org.uk

The new issue also includes:


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What’s in Liberator Issue 373?

Issue 373 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers and this one’s free sample online content is the Commentary on Tim Farron’s election as Lib Dem leader, and Tony Greaves’ article in which he argues that the party has forgotten how to campaign and must avoiding wasting the potential of its thousand of new members. The full version of Liberator 372 is now also online. See: www.liberatormagazine.org.uk

The new issue also includes:

THE PATH TO PADDY’S HAT – the general election exit poll should not have surprised those who had followed what the market research industry was doing, says Alex Dee

WELLBEING WORKS – Looking at wellbeing provides liberals with route to express their commitment to redistribution, and they should accept the need for state involvement, says Claire Tyler

PLACES THAT DON’T MATTER – The wave of migrants trying to reach Europe is driven by corruption and poverty in misgoverned African states, says Rebecca Tinsley

POWER CHANGES IN NIGERIA – A first peaceful change of power between civilian parties shows Nigeria’s democracy has finally established itself, says Donald Inwalomhe

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