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New issue of Liberator out

Liberator 414 can be downloaded here (click on the 414 icon). This is the free September 2022 online-only edition of Liberator and we hope you enjoy reading it.

You can sign up here to be emailed each time a new bi-monthly Liberator comes out.

What’s inside this issue?

Alongside Radical Bulletin, Commentary and Lord Bonkers’ Diary, Liberator 414 includes:


The Tories have made the worst of a bad choice of leader, Nick Winch looks at how to beat them


There’s one in the political room, it’s called Brexit. Labour ignores it and the Lib Dems are shy of it. Confront it, says David Grace


Jonathan Calder concludes from Duncan Brack’s Compass Progressive Alliance publication that this concept cannot work if imposed top down


To go by at the Liberal Democrat conference agenda, no crises face the UK and a few detailed changes are all that is needed. Get real, says William Tranby


Liberal International can seem remote; Robert Woodthorpe Browne explains its work on human rights, climate justice and international trade.


Rose Stimson’s Ukrainian guests are now safely in the UK, no thanks to the Home Office.


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Liberator 410 hits the newsstands

Liberator 410 can be downloaded here. This is the November 2021 online-only edition of Liberator and we hope you enjoy reading it.

What’s inside this issue?

Alongside Radical Bulletin, Commentary, Letters, and Lord Bonkers’ Diary, Liberator 410 includes:

China goes fox hunting

Pressure from the Chinese Communist party to suit down criticism – even in the west – is the greatest threat we face, says Ed Lucas

Priti vacant

The arrival of Afghan refugees exposes Home Office incompetence and Rebecca Tinsley is among those picking up the pieces of western flight from Afghanistan.


Committing to rejoining the single market would be popular among …

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Latest issue of Liberator published

The September 2021 issue of Liberator, Alistair Carmichael writes on vaccine ID cards, Norman Baker writes on trains and David Grace suggests we have a strategy without a strategy. Claire Tyler questions whether we are brave enough to pay for social care and Rebecca Tinsley writes on Sudan, Islamists and women. Alan Sherwell champions Universal Basic Income, Robert Brown says federalism could keep the UK together and Geoff Reid introduces us to green carrots.

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Liberator 408 is out

This issue we’ve done something a bit different by running extended pieces by Layla Moran and Michael Meadowcroft on Lib Dem strategy. Layla argues for a progressive alliance with Labour and the Greens, while Michael calls for the party to make itself matter again across the widest area possible. See which (if either) you think is right.

Liberator 408 also includes:


Far from seeking a ‘progressive alliance’ Liberal Democrats should “pummel the life out of Labour”, says Jonathan Hunt

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New issue of Liberator out – 406

Liberator 406 is out and can be downloaded for free here. You can also sign up through the website to receive each issue as it comes out.

Alongside Radical Bulletin, Letters, Reviews and Lord Bonkers’ Diary, Liberator 406 includes:

Are Liberal Democrat members just electrons floating around or part of the nucleus of something larger, asks David Grace

Voter suppression – in particular of young people and ethnic groups – is a feature of Americans politics the Government seeks to import here, says Shaun Roberts

The Government looks set to make the immigration detention system even worse, and the issue will come up at elections. Margaret Lally arms Liberal Democrats with some answers

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Liberator quizzes the leadership candidates

Liberator sends a questionnaire to each candidate during party leadership elections which seeks to move beyond questions like ‘is land value taxation a Good Thing’ to get them thinking about what the party is for, where it should be going and how to get it there.

Both say they agree with the Thornhill report’s main recommendations and both want a greener economy. Both also indicate they would never work with the Conservatives at least not while they are led by Boris Johnson.

There are though some notable differences between the contenders which may help members make up their minds, see their answers …

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New issue of Liberator free online

Liberator 401 is on its way to subscribers and is available as a free download from our website.

We’d – fortuitously – decided before the pandemic to go free online only from September but because many potential readers are stuck at home we’re putting our last few print issues up online too as they come out.

The website also has a free archive of copies back to 2001.

Liberator 401 includes:

  • The People They Forgot – It was too little, too late when the Government tried to protect care homes from Covid-19, leading to a scandal of needless deaths, say Claire Tyler and

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New issue of Liberator out

Issue 399 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers and it’s a bumper 40 page issue, mainly given over to analysing the December general election and its consequences, and how the party handled both ‘revoke’ and ‘Jo Swinson could be your next prime minister’.

The free sample articles for this issue are by Simon Hughes on seeing the campaign unravel, and from Nick Harvey on what he thinks were the eight major errors made by the party.

Also in this issue new party president Mark Pack answers our questions and Peter Dunphy explains how Unite to Remain was put together.

Reflections on the general election also come from: Liz Barker, Tony Greaves, Ruth Coleman Taylor, Nigel Lindsay, Theo Butt Philip and many others.

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New Issue of Liberator Out

Issue 394 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

Our first free sample article for this issue gives three perspectives from the continent on Brexit, by Søs Haugaard, Kate Vanovitch and Sonja Rentz.

In the second, Tony Greaves explains how the Liberal Democrat preamble – barely contentious when written – now reads like a revolutionary text.

Both are on:

Also in this issue:

PARLIAMENT PERFORMS THE PARROT SKETCH  The contortions of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn over Brexit remind David Grace more of Monty Python than an effective legislature

PADDY ASHDOWN 1941 – 2018 Obituaries by Alan Leaman, Rebecca Tinsley, Roger Hayes, Mark Smulian, Claire Tyler and Les Farris

WHERE DID ENGLAND GO?  Jonathan Coe’s new novel Middle England uses characters from some earlier books to chart the nation’s path into one of mutually uncomprehending tribes after the 2016 referendum, finds Jonathan Calder

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Conference issue of Liberator out

Issue 392 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

Our first free sample article for this issue is by Vince Cable on his plans for a supporters scheme and changing restrictions on who can be a candidate and vote in leadership elections. This longer article explains his reasoning in more detail than has appeared elsewhere.

In the other free article Caron Lindsay says the immigration policy paper going to the Brighton conference is so flawed that it must be defeated.

Both are on: and to get the new issue of the magazine do come to our stall …

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New Issue of Liberator Out – Issue 390 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

Our two free sample articles for this issue are by former MP Norman Baker on his experiences as a Home Office when Theresa May set about constructing her ‘hostile environment’, which was to lead to the Windrush scandal, and by Claire Tyler on ideas to help young people deal with precarious work, unaffordable housing and low incomes. Both are on:

 Also in this issue:

 How Green Was My Pact? Richmond Liberal Democrats struck a pact with the Greens and took control of the council in May. Was this too high a price to pay? Wendy Kyrle-Pope says it worked, while Theo Butt-Philip urges caution

 Firm But Unfair The royal family used its recent wedding to burnish its image, but ‘Operation Charlie’ will call them into question, says Sarah Green

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New Issue of Liberator Out

Issue 389 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

This issue starts with assessments by Paul Hindley of the Bernard Greaves and David Howarth booklet Towards a Liberal Future – which is available as a free download at: – and by Susan Simmonds of the Social Liberal Forum’s Four Go In Search of Big Ideas: putting progressive Ideas at the heart of politics. See:

Our two free sample articles from this issue concern two major controversies in the recent news that have not yet played out. Lib Dem peer Trevor Smith looks at how the collapse of …

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New issue of Liberator out

Issue 387 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

Find out with our two free articles from this issue why Paul Hindley thinks the Lib Dems have chosen irrelevance over outspokenness despite being on only 7.4% of the vote, and Tony Greaves’ explanation of why Liberalism needs its capital L.

Also in this issue:

  • Peter Harvey gives a resident’s take on why the move for Catalan independence is an elite defending itself.
  • Claire Tyler looks at how to turn round the inequality that led to the Brexit vote.
  • Peter Black explains what’s gone wrong in Wales after the recent

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New Issue of Liberator out

Issue 381 of Liberator is on its way to subscribers.

This issue’s free sample online content is from Tony Greaves on the people who have joined Labour’s Momentum and whether they pose a threat to the Liberal Democrats, and from David Grace on why Liberal Democrat MPs should be ready to oppose Brexit.

Elsewhere the issue has Michael Meadowcroft’s explanation of why the Leave campaign’s mis-selling means the referendum result should be overturned.

Jennie Rigg wonders if Brexit supporters are in the grip of a cargo cult and Tom Clifford looks at the context of the far right’s growth in Europe.

David Boyle explains …

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