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By-election watch – Another Lib Dem GAIN from the Conservatives

Well, well. The list of by-election results was depressing. Four came in with not so much as a Lib Dem candidate. If people are going to develop a habit of voting for the Lib Dems, they need to have the opportunity at every possible election. I know to isn’t always possible to field a candidate, but it is something we need to prioritise.

But amid the gloom, this happened.

Congratulations to new Cllr Thomas Sheriff. It’s good to see that …

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In praise of Councillor Neil Hughes – 56 Up

If you missed it, it is worth watching the first episode of 56 Up on ITV Player. Aired last night, it is the latest in Michael Apted’s Seven Up series, which filmed a group of seven year olds in 1964 and has since caught up with them every seven years.

One of the group is Liberal Democrat Councillor Neil Hughes, who represents Shap ward on Eden District Council in Cumbria. Neil was previously one of our councillors in Hackney and is also a lay preacher. As you can see from last night’s film, the Seven Up series has …

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