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Campaigning for safer school crossings in Essex

Sometimes we can get caught up in the big issues and forget about the small every day reasons we get interested and involved in politics. Our position in Europe has been the big story nationally this week, but locally in Essex we have seen a schoolboy killed and a schoolgirl seriously injured outside schools this month.

The branches of the local party are mobilising as any incident on our roads is one too many but a fatality is just terrible news. Local campaigner Chris Butler has set up an online petition for anyone to sign to get Essex County Council …

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What the papers say…

Civil  servants are as bad as bankers … The Telegraph trumpets Gladstone’s anniversary … Tories support Labour’s school Sats Tests … Another dodgy Tory donor exposed … Labour split on voting reform … Lords skim expenses cream … BBC to make film on Thorpe tragedy … what Chris Huhne thinks of Prince Charles … Unions sit on money for Labour … look at who says Hauge is Vauge …and the only thing the final polls of the year can agree upon is that Liberal Democrat support is holding up

Now Civil Servants join bankers in ludicrous bonuses – Daily Mail,, 24.12.09

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