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Former Labour MP sues Sunday Telegraph over expenses story

The Press Gazette reports:

Former Labour backbench MP Frank Cook has filed a libel writ against the Sunday Telegraph over a front-page story from May 2009 about his expenses.

He is demanding damages of up to £50,000 from publishers Telegraph Media Group over a front page story and two inside pieces in May 2009 in the Sunday Telegraph.

The stories, which he claims were defamatory, were headed “MP claimed £5 for church collection” and “I’m sorry church claim was unfair.”

Cook, who represents Stockton North, is also suing over a comment headed: “Now it is the people’s turn to be heard.”

He says the articles

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Stockton North: deselected Labour MP to run as an independent

The Independent has the news:

A veteran Labour MP who was deselected by his party more than two years ago has announced that he would stand at the General Election as an independent.

Frank Cook, MP for Stockton North, attacked the Labour Party, saying it was no longer the party he joined nearly 60 years ago.

Philip Latham is the Liberal Democrat candidate in the seat.

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Daily View 2×2: 31 May 09

Welcome to the Sunday outing for our Daily View. As it’s a Sunday, today’s comes with a special examination paper supplement. If you spot anything for future posts, do let us know on [email protected]

2 Big Stories

Opinion polls

It’s been a tale of two polls: a disappointing Populus poll on Saturday followed by a spectacularly good ICM poll in today’s Sunday Telegraph, putting the Liberal Democrats in second place in both general election and European election voting intentions:

The ICM poll for The Sunday Telegraph is the worst possible news for the Prime Minister as he enters his most important week since taking

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    I have to agree with Paul Barker. I never attend conference so voting was to a large extent driven by profile on LDV or other...
  • User AvatarPeter 14th Dec - 5:07pm
    I am not a fan of tactical voting. Sometimes the logic seems perfect but in many cases it is wishful thinking. The outcome often depends...
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    David Sheppard is as absolutely right In future decisions like this should be put to the whole membership. Our manifesto was excellent apart from revoke....
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    There is only one way we can do a deal with Labour and that is if the joint manifesto includes PR for Westminster; not a...
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    A major problem with these sites is that they make recommendations for seats where tactical voting would not alter the result. Either they are safe...
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    I don't think the Lib Dems were attracting soft Conservatives. I think the success was in seats where people opposed to the Conservative Party are...
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