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Daily View 2×2: 5 June 2020

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Yesterday, the New York Times published an opinion piece by the junior US Senator for Arkansas, Tom Cotton, which called upon President Trump to invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act to

employ the military “or any other means” in “cases of insurrection, or obstruction to the laws”

by way of an overwhelming show of force against protestors. Why is this important? Because Tom Cotton is a potential Republican nominee for the Presidency in the not that distant future.

It would be fair to say that there was a backlash, as the editorial page editor himself admitted.

There is a valid question to …

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Daily View 2×2: 3 June 2020

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The slide towards banana republic status for the United Kingdom continues. Yesterday, whipped by their leadership, Conservative MPs voted to return to the old ways of operating, causing a queue of MPs to form in order to vote that ran through Westminster Hall, the gardens of the Palace of Westminster and as far as Portcullis House. Frankly, if I were the Opposition, I’d be calling divisions on anything and everything, up to and including what day of the week it is.

Excluding MPs who are pregnant, shielding or in vulnerable groups is an attack on our democracy, and …

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Daily View 2×2: 2 June 2020

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The controversy over the death of George Floyd continues and the Chair of the Liberal Democrat Campaign for Race Equality, Roderick Lynch, notes;

Just as we have a moral obligation to speak out against the injustice we’re witnessing in the US, we also can’t ignore the failings here in the UK. In the UK 26% of instances of police using firearms are against black people, despite black people making up only 3.3% of the population. 51% of young men in custody in the UK are from black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds, despite these groups making up only

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Daily View 2×2: 1 June 2020

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It is an exaggeration to say that America’s cities are in flames, and despite President Trump’s inflammatory comments, in most places, demonstrations remain peaceful, if tense. And protests against the death of George Floyd have spread beyond America too. Unfortunately, there is little doubt that the only difference between policing in the United States and here is that, at least here, the police are unarmed and the courts less perfunctory and politicised, thus deaths are thankfully rarer, but BAME citizens, especially black ones, are more likely to be the subjects of police activity, even if they aren’t actually doing anything that would attract attention if done by a white person.

We can, as of today, partake in a whole slew of activities hitherto restricted, thanks to the Government. But so much for following the science, for the Association of Directors of Public Health has urged them to reverse the decision;

But Jeanelle de Gruchy, president of the ADPH, said her colleagues across England were “increasingly concerned that the government is misjudging the balance of risk between more social interaction and the risk of a resurgence of the virus, and is easing too many restrictions too quickly”.

Can it really be that the Government is willing to risk thousands of lives to draw our attention away from Dominic Cummings? Or are they simply incompetent and dishonest? Of course, “both” is an option here…

2 social media posts

There’s a definite sense of romance in the air today. First, Monroe Palmer has posted this on Facebook…

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Daily View 2×2: 29 May 2020

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Oh what a tangled web we weave… The problem with taking increasingly ludicrous positions in public is that, eventually, either you have to give up, or the contortions become so absurd that everybody knows that that’s what they are, at which point the game is up. Health ministers, and the Prime Minister, trashing their own policies in order to justify Dominic Cummings’ moonlight flit to Durham, Michael Gove attempting to suggest that he too would test his eyesight by going for a drive, the scientific advisors silenced. And it does begin to beg the question, what does …


Daily View 2×2: 28 May 2020

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Frankly, I’m bored with Dominic Cummings. I freely accept that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him and will only quit when he feels like it – because his notional boss hasn’t got the backbone to do anything about him. But he has become a symbol of exactly what senior Conservatives think of the British public, for which we should be kind of grateful. That said, it appears that more and more Conservative MPs are beginning to realise how damaging his arrogance is becoming. Is it that they don’t like the grief they’re getting from constituents, …


Daily View 2×2: 22 May 2020

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Speak softly, but carry a big moral stick, seems to be the lesson to be drawn from the Government’s u-turn on the question of the NHS surcharge for migrant health workers. All credit to Keir Starmer for putting the issue in such a way as to give backbench Conservatives cover to press Al and Priti to axe it. And yes, the NHS surcharge is just another way of extorting money out of people who already pay their taxes plus visa fees for the right to work in this country, doing jobs that mostly aren’t attractive to locals, …

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Daily View 2×2: 20 May 2020

A big day for some people, and definitely an interesting one, to look forward to, and we’ll be covering that in half an hour, but in the meantime, the debate over the General Election Review rumbles on, and we have some history, and some local politics to offer you during the day, with some thoughts on inter-generational fairness in the evening. So, on with the medley!

2 big stories (apart from that one!)

So much for schools reopening on 1 June. It’s already clear that parents aren’t keen, and that the teaching unions are wary, but when Conservative councils (Essex and …

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Daily View 2×2: 19 May 2020

We’ve got a busy day ahead, here at Liberal Democrat Voice. There are a wide range of views regarding the General Election Review, as you might guess, and they’re still coming in, so you can expect a number of articles today and tomorrow…

2 big stories

The Immigration Bill has had its Second Reading in the Commons and, unsurprisingly, was passed by a majority of 99 votes. It’s a pretty shoddy, rather unpleasant piece of work from a Home Secretary who clearly believes in pulling up the drawbridge that her own family (and mine) used not so long ago. But, given …


Daily View 2×2: 18 May 2020

2 big stories

Are right-wing political campaigners not only using Russian attack lines, but using the same tactics to discredit their opponents? Here’s a story from the United States, see what you think…

Test, track, trace and isolate is allegedly the Government’s strategy to deal with the coronavirus. That requires a network of contact tracers, 18,000 of whom were supposed to be in place and operating imminently. It’s a pity that they’ve not been recruited yet

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Today, two differing views of the Party’s Internal Review into the 2019 General Election campaign.

Nick Tyrone is rather more impressed than …


Daily View 2×2: 15 May 2020

2 big stories

You can tell when the Conservatives are rattled. After the easy years of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader, Keir Starmer is clearly more of a worry, which might explain why Conservative MPs Nadine Dorries, Maria Caulfield and Lucy Allan decided to draw attention via Twitter to a very dubiously edited video purporting to represent his views on child grooming. It wasn’t actually true, indeed it might represent defamation, and disappeared, along with the account it came from. Maria Caulfield was obviously concerned about the possibilities, as her entire Twitter account has been deleted. Even Number 10 wasn’t …

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Daily View 2×2: 14 May 2020

2 big stories

There’s little bigger news any time than an economic slump, and the acknowledgement from Rishi Sunak that Britain is facing a “significant recession” augurs ill for a country likely to mutilate its key trading tie in less than eight months. But with decidedly mixed messages on how Government finances might be reconciled going forward – no more austerity, apparently – and public services in need of investment, an inexperienced Treasury team need to come up with a plan fast.

The tragic death of Transport for London employee, Belly Mujinga, has become the subject of an investigation into …


Daily View 2×2: 13 May 2020

My apologies for missing yesterday – life is rather hectic at the moment, so time to catch up, methinks…

2 big stories

Today, the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme goes live with, potentially, 3,500,000 eligible applicants, and HMRC will, hopefully, step up to the mark again. But yesterday saw Rishi Sunak kick the can down the road somewhat, extending the Job Retention Scheme in its current form for another month, until 31 July, and indicating that furloughed employees will continue to receive 80% of their usual gross pay until 31 October. The catch? Employers are going to have to make up some of …


Daily View 2×2: 11 May 2020

As it’s a Monday, I’m on editorial duty, as well as “opening batsman”. And we’ve got some interesting stuff coming up on the site, with the House of Lords, Northern (England) campaigning, Welsh devolution, business support for the hitherto overlooked and even some audience participation for those of you who have an interest in how democracy works. Naturally, we’ll have the latest thoughts from Mary too, for whom the announced changes make little difference. So, if like so many, you’re a bit cooped up at home, why not join us during the day?

Oh, and yes, I’m actually at work, albeit

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Daily View 2×2: 7 May 2020

2 big stories

Who’d have thought it? The achievement of the testing target on 30 April is already looking deeply shady, with the inclusion of posted tests included in that figure, plus allegations that even those posted weren’t actually usable. And now, subsequent data shows that the numbers are going backwards, not upwards. The solution, a new target. The distraction from failure – some relaxations in terms of going out and about.

Meanwhile, the European Union is predicting that its economy will shrink by 7.4% this year, the worst performance since World War II, with the economies of Southern Europe worst …

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Daily View 2×2: 6 May 2020

It’s becoming increasingly hard to keep up with the news cycle and, beyond the chaos of lockdown, a no deal Brexit begins to loom ever larger…

2 big stories

When the specialist trade press, the Adam Smith Institute and Guido Fawkes think that you’ve got something wrong, your instinct might be to think that you’ve got something very right. On the other hand, this is HM Government’s new app for coronavirus contact tracing, and all three sources above think that it’s rubbish. Here’s Guido Fawkes (and I’m not sure that I really believe that I’m writing this) on just one of


Daily View 2×2: 5 May 2020

There’s almost too much going on at the moment. Certainly, there’s too much going on for the Government to cope with, given its evident bandwidth problems…

2 big stories

Buzzfeed News is claiming an exclusive insight into the Goverment’s proposed ideas in terms of relaxing the current restrictions and, on the face of it, they look fairly sensible. But, as I commented yesterday, are the British public willing to return to the ‘old normal’ so soon? My sense is that they generally aren’t, but the Government needs to change that mindset if their desire to taper down the level of support …

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Daily View 2×2: 4 May 2020

My subconscious is telling me that it’s a Bank Holiday Monday. Sadly, it isn’t…

2 big stories

Whilst the Government talk about relaxing restrictions, the public seem likely to vote to demur from a return to normality. With less than 10% support for reopening pubs, stadiums and nightclubs, and just 11% support reopening restaurants, it’s clear that, even if you allow such things to reopen, there just won’t be enough potential custom to allow them to survive, let alone thrive.

In another sign that any economic recovery is going to faltering at best, a report compiled by Deloitte indicates that business …


Daily View 2×2: 1 May 2020

It’s got to be admitted that April was… interesting. The world has been turned upside down somewhat, and what we thought we knew is now uncertain. And, as the lockdown goes on, and the elections that many of us had expected are delayed, what does May have in store?

2 big stories

There will be a plan for a return to work and for schools to reopen by next week, according to the Prime Minister. But will the public be willing to do so, given the levels of support for the lockdown and for social distancing? You can open an office …


Daily View 2×2: 30 April 2020

2 big stories

So, will Matt Hancock reach his target of 100,000 tests today? And even if that capacity is reached, will they be carried out? It’s not looking terribly optimistic when even NHS Providers, which represents foundation trusts in England, dismisses the 100,000 target as a “red herring” that distracted from the failures of ministers.

Setting targets and missing them is bad enough, but setting meaningless, and possibly even misdirected ones, and msssing them anyway, seems to be the story of this Government’s handling of the crisis.

It’s a sign of the general uselessness of the British print media that, for …

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Daily View 2×2: 29 April 2020

2 big stories

Next steps in addressing the coronavirus crisis? Tracing, an app and?… The Guardian provides an explanation of how the Government plans to step up its battle to quell the virus. But do you trust the Government with data relating to where you’ve gone and who you’ve met? Or is the need to bring this to an end enough to overcome your concerns?

British Airways is making 12,000 staff redundant, a sign of how bad things are likely to get for the airline industry. The share price is down by more than two-thirds, compared to the FTSE 100 …

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Daily View 2×2: 27 April 2020

I hope that you’ve all had a nice weekend, although I guess that, for some of you, each day is beginning to feel the same as the last. At Liberal Democrat Voice, our aim is to entertain, inform and engage, and so I’d better get on, hadn’t I?

2 big stories

Whilst the talk is of what happens next in the UK’s battle against Covid-19, elsewhere, the first steps towards normalisation have started;

In all four places officials caution that life is not going back to normal yet. For one thing, there can be no letting down their guard. The authorities have

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Daily View 2×2: 23 April 2020

On this day in 1516, the Reinheitsgebot was enforced across all of Bavaria, stating that beer must be brewed from three ingredients only – water, malt and hops. And yes, Wilhelm IV, Duke of Bavaria was a bit of a stickler for purity, but that wasn’t a bad hill to die upon, was it?

2 big stories

Whilst the Job Retention Scheme appears to be operating smoothly thus far – noting that payments aren’t due to reach employers until next week – for the self-employed, there’s no news as to when their scheme will start. And the decision to have a ceiling …

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Daily View 2×2: 22 April 2020

2 big stories

Was it a political choice by the Government not to take part in the EU joint procurement scheme, as Sir Simon McDonald originally suggested, or not, as his subsequent “clarification” indicated? To be honest, it probably doesn’t matter, as you can get different answers from different members of the Cabinet anyway. And, even if you got a consistent answer, can you believe very much that comes out of this Government in any event?

Matt Hancock’s further clarification, that they did join the EU scheme, was almost immediately, and inevitably, denied by a European Union spokesperson, as reported by


Daily View 2×2: 21 April 2020

It was a hectic day yesterday, given what I do as a day job, and today probably won’t be any easier. But there are plenty worse off than I am…

2 big stories

The more aging amongst us will remember oil shocks, as OPEC squeezed consumers by controlling the flow of oil, and thus the price. Today, the shock is that the price of US crude oil is negative. Yes, they’ll pay you to take it away because it’s cheaper to do that than to build new storage facilities that probably won’t be needed for long whilst consumption is so much lower …

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Daily View 2×2: 20 April 2020

It’s a new week, just like the last one…

2 big stories

Today sees the official launch of what must be one of the biggest spending projects in recent government history, as the Job Retention Scheme goes live. Guaranteeing up to 80% of the salaries of furloughed employees, up to a limit of £2,500 per month for up to four months, I don’t even want to guess how much this will cost. But with possibly as many as nine million employees without work, it’s at least a brave stab as salvaging something from the wreckage. If you’re an employer, the link will take you to the guidance.

Competence appears to be a highly underrated quality sometimes, but without it, a government flounders. As, it seems, the Johnson administration appears to have done, failing to take the pandemic seriously when the opportunity permitted and running to catch up ever since. Whilst the Sunday Times has, somewhat unexpectedly, led the charge, the Guardian has kindly summed up the various failings of a Conservative administration.

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Daily View 2×2: 17 April 2020

2 big stories

Another three weeks… For some, probably myself included, it may not seem so bad, but for anyone who had persuaded themselves that this wasn’t going to last, the next few days of adjustment will be tougher. At least there is the hint of a plan, although John Crace in the Guardian wasn’t wildly impressed…

Mind you, Raab did hedge his bets a bit by saying that the restrictions would initially remain in place for another three weeks. It sounded as if he was hoping the prime minister might be back in action by then, so that it would


Daily View 2×2: 16 April 2020

2 big stories

Alright, we’re locked down. But the question is, how do you return to normal? The German government thinks it has plotted a route, as the Washington Post reports. Buty don’t get too optimistic, these are relative baby steps we’re talking about, capable of being halted without significant difficulty. On the other hand, it’s more of a plan than the British Government have thus far…

There’s still not much sign of Government support reaching businesses, and whilst the news that the Oasis and Warehouse fashion chains have entered into administration will be the headline story, the low takeup of …

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Daily View 2×2: 15 April 2020

Are you sitting comfortably? I hope so, because we might be locked down for quite some time to come…

2 big stories

There’s no avoiding what is the biggest story of the day, the suggestion by the Office for Budget Responsibility that the United Kingdom economy could shrink by 35% in the second quarter of 2020, with 2 million joining the ranks of the unemployed. And yes, it will bounce back to some extent, but as the IMF’s economic counsellor, Gita Gopinath says;

the size of the hit to the global economy, uncertainty about the how long the shock would last, and

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Daily View 2×2: 14 April 2020

Back, and refreshed after the Easter weekend…

2 big stories

The Guardian is claiming as an exclusive its story that the United Kingdom missed three chances to join the EU scheme to bulk-buy PPE. Given that there are evident shortages and that, as a result, health and care workers are going unprotected, this is another reminder that the Government have been slow to act, and equally slow to co-operate where there might be advantage in doing so.

Bernie Sanders has endorsed Joe Biden. Now that may seem obvious, but given that Hillary Clinton lost as much because Sanders supporters stayed at …


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