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3-5 February 2023 – the weekend’s press releases (part 1)

  • Lib Dem Bill to stop prepayment meter installations blocked by Govt
  • Strike Postponement is Welcome Progress
  • Just a quarter of the “40 new hospitals” have received planning permission

Lib Dem Bill to stop prepayment meter installations blocked by Govt

A Liberal Democrats Bill to end all installations of prepayment metres over the Winter has been effectively blocked by the Conservative Government.

This comes after Ofgem announced the suspension of forcible installations of prepayment meters yesterday following a Times investigation into British Gas.

Liberal Democrats have been campaigning on this issue for months; first presenting the Prepayment Meters (Temporary Prohibition) Bill on the 7th December and asking a PMQ to Rishi Sunak two weeks ago urging him to support the bill. But calls have fallen on deaf ears.

Today , the Government prevented the Bill’s progress to Second Reading – causing the legislation to fail.

Liberal Democrats have criticised the“poverty premium” paid by households with prepayment meters have higher energy bills simply because they use a prepayment meter.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Energy, Wera Hobhouse MP, who tabled the Bill, said:

This Bill has been in front of Parliament since early December, but the Conservative Government chose to ignore it. Only after a scandal and shocking revelations about energy companies prying on vulnerable people did the regulator, Ofgem, finally act.

It is too little, too late. My Bill would go further than the Regulator, by banning the installation of prepayment meters for a period of time to get people through this difficult winter and to investigate any rogue practices.

With the Government shunning the fastest way to help these people who become victims of predatory energy firms, families and pensioners across the country will be worried about how they will keep the heating and lights on.

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16 November 2019 – the overnight press releases

  • Lib Dems announce plans to plant 60 million trees a year
  • Lib Dems: EU staff crucial to our NHS

Lib Dems announce plans to plant 60 million trees a year

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson will plant a tree in Hampstead today (Saturday 16 November), as the party announces ambitious proposals to undertake the largest tree-planting programme in UK history. A Liberal Democrat government will plant 60 million trees every year, increasing UK forest cover by 1 million hectares by 2045.

Just 13% of the UK is currently covered by woodland, far below the European Union average of 35%. The Conservatives …

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