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A longer watch for the weekend: Mothers of Liberty

I blogged last month about the new pamphlet from the Liberal Democrat History Group, Mothers of Liberty: Women who built British Liberalism, a series of biographies of famous women liberals, which details the contribution of women to Liberal politics from the eighteenth century to the present day.

That was launched at a conference fringe meeting, chaired by Lynne Featherstone and featuring three excellent speakers:

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  • User AvatarMartin Boffey 13th Dec - 8:16am
    Can we stop banging on about Europe now please?
  • User AvatarJohn Marriott 13th Dec - 8:14am
    @James Pugh Nice one, Mr Pugh. I think that you, like me, may be getting a little uncomfortable with some of the stances taken on...
  • User AvatarGraham Jeffs 13th Dec - 8:12am
    I assume you haven't published my comments because they are critical of HQ. How sad is that?
  • User AvatarJonathan Linin 13th Dec - 8:05am
    CALM DOWN. deep breaths everybody. Everyone is disappointed, probably sick with worry but we need to reflect. There is plenty of time. I would urge...
  • User AvatarMichael 1 13th Dec - 7:52am
    We had the correct strategy up until the autumn. We needed to expand it in August as Boris did. One of Lynton Crosby's favourite sayings...
  • User AvatarDan 13th Dec - 7:47am
    This is bitter, I admit I voted for a independent after the scrap article 50 and left the party. So I will be coming back....
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