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Michael Heseltine: Reject Boris Johnson and vote Lib Dem

It’s been a weekend of high profile endorsements of the Lib Dems.

First, Alastair Campbell went canvassing with our Luciana Berger in Finchley and Golders Green:

Then Dominic Raab’s predecessor as Conservative MP for Esher and Walton backed Lib Dem Monica Harding.

From the Surrey Comet:

In a dramatic twist in the race for his old seat, Mr Taylor urged residents not to vote Conservative and said the Lib Dem’s candidate Monica Harding was “worthy of support” instead.

Monica welcomed Ian Taylor’s endorsement:

And last night, Michael Heseltine, always on the left of the Tory Party until he was ejected from it for saying he was voting for us during the Euros, announced he was doing the same again. 

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If you want to understand modern government, understand the Office of the Public Guardian

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) neatly encapsulates much of how modern government is run, its weaknesses and the problems our democratic systems face in trying to control or improve bureaucracy.

The Office of the Public Guardian was created for the best of reasons following the 2005 Mental Capacity Act in order to administer a new Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) process by which people can lay down what should happen to them and who can make decisions for them if they lose the ability to decide for themselves.

Giving people more and clear control over their own lives is what government should do. Moreover, the OPG is, in theory, an accountable public body with annual reports, performance standards laid down by the Ministry of Justice and its operations open to questioning in Parliament.

But the reality of how it works also reveals the dark side of modern government.

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    Georgiou, hey? No relation to Cat Stevens, by any chance? Or should I say Yusuf Islam, to give him his present name? Well done, sir....
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    Could it possibly be that many women involved with the party have better things to do with their time than wade through lengthy comments here...
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    While I understand that giving an article a controversial start is a good way to generate a response, I must say I think that the...
  • User AvatarJack Graham 24th Jan - 8:56am
    The problem can be seen in the preamble of your revered constitution. https://www.libdems.org.uk/constitution The only thing that stands out is the capitalised STOP BREXIT, which...
  • User AvatarHywel 24th Jan - 8:53am
    "I maintain that the fact critics continue to harp on about the Coalition and us, while other errors perpetuated by other parties seem quickly forgotten"...
  • User AvatarTom Harney 24th Jan - 8:51am
    Changing our electoral system - I entirely agree with Doug Buist on this. This does not simply mean that we change how we count votes....