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Your last chance to have a say in how the party is run…Polls close in party elections at 23:59 tonight

Voting for the party’s main committees, the Federal Board, Federal Policy Committee and Federal Conference Committee, Federal International Relations Committee, closes at 23:59 tonight.

For the first time, all party members have a vote. Previously the franchise consisted of those who had been elected as Conference representatives by their local parties.

Tim Gordon sent a reminder email to party members:

The ballot for electing the party’s governing committee members is open until 23:59 on December 14th.

You will elect the people who will run our party for the next three years. Also, for the first time, every single member gets to vote in these elections. This is the biggest exercise in internal party democracy in decades.

You will be able to read the candidates’ manifestos and vote online by going to https://elections.libdems.org.uk and following the instructions. All you need is your membership number and personal PIN number below.

Each email contains the individual information that you will need to vote. If you don’t have an email address, you will have had a letter with the information enclosed.

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REPRISE: Federal Committee elections – all you need to know with 3 days left to vote

So, here’s all you need to know.

How do I vote?

Voting papers were distributed by email to all those federal voting representatives for whom the party had an email address on the morning of Monday 3 November. It came from Electoral Reform Services and has a two part security code and a link to enable you to vote.

Those for whom the party did not have an email address were sent a letter advising them how to vote online and if they weren’t able to do that, to contact LDHQ for advice.

If you haven’t had either of these and you are a Federal Conference voting representative, contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

When do I have to vote by?

Thursday, 20th November at noon. So, just over three days from now. NB this is not the same as for the Presidential election which closes on 26th November.

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