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Opinion: Did the LibDems pick the wrong weekend to call for curbs on anti-terror measures?

James Lyons of the Daily Mirror tweeted last night to say “Oh dear – lib dems picked wrong weekend to call for curbs on anti-terror measures”.

He referred to a Guardian story about LibDem backbenchers calling for the scrapping of control orders and the limit to detention without charge to be reduced to 14 days.

Well yes, I suppose if you have a hangover this morning and, therefore, impaired thinking faculties, it is easy to hear the news (of the discovery of the toner cartridge bombs on their way to the US) and think “silly, woolly Liberals” for raising their …

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  • User AvatarRichard Underhill 6th Jun - 9:14am
    David Raw 3rd Jun '20 - 7:34am Yes, Moggy should be ashamed of himself, replaying His Master's Voice.
  • User AvatarAlex Macfie 6th Jun - 9:11am
    Peter Martin: You know as well as l do that coalition involves compromise. So this emphasis on Coalition-era voting records (as if Ed and Jo...
  • User AvatarRichard Underhill 6th Jun - 9:11am
    David Raw 1st Jun '20 - 8:19pm When the US President informed his Soviet ally that a new weapon existed there was no comment from...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 6th Jun - 6:27am
    @ Alex, I do remember the Lib Dems being enthusiastic about the Mansion tax at one time. According to wiki, a motion in support at...
  • User AvatarAlex Macfie 6th Jun - 12:04am
    @Peter Martin: The practice among Labour hard lefties of constantly digging up the increasinly distant past in priority to attacking the current government is not...
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 5th Jun - 11:48pm
    @ Alex, It's your point not mine. You're right in saying "with a post-Coalition leader we can move on from it because the leader would...