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Councillor movements: Conservatives lose majority on Southend Council

Stockport’s Mayor, Colin MacAlister has switched to the Liberal Democrats from Labour (via Independent), whilst the Conservative deputy leader also recently switched to Independent.

That’s not the only bad news for the Conservatives though. In Aberconwy the local Conservative president (and councillor) Dennis Tew has also quit the party, switching to Plaid. Meanwhile in Southend, Jason Luty’s switch to Independent removes the Conservative Party’s overall majority on the council.

Perhaps surprisingly, Labour has also picked up two councillors recently – John McNamee from the SNP and Arshad Hussain from the Conservatives.

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What is going on in Southend?

Allegations of intimidation, harassment, vandalism and more in a fall out between Conservative councillor Jason Luty and the Residents Association of Westborough (RAW).

The local CouncilBust blog reports:

Dr Jason Luty, Conservative councillor for Eastwood Park, has claimed that RAW is a politically- motivated organisation that has embarked on a campaign to victimise him.

Cllr Luty has also asserted that Martin Terry, independent councillor for Westborough, controls RAW and is behind the campaign.

At the same time, members of RAW and Cllr Terry have claimed that Cllr Luty has been deliberately attacking RAW by harassing its members, threatening their properties and using vandalism…

Cllr Terry

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