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PMQs: The Coronation of Basil Brush

There was all the seasonal fun of the pantomime thrown in to Prime Minister’s Questions today: “Broad brush”, “Air brush”, “Basil Brush” (Cameron’s description of Miliband) – the coalition leadership depicted as the pantomime horse and, of course, “Look behind you”. It was all there.

Ed Miliband in special sotto voce mode, asked about the unemployment increase of 35,000 saying that, with this, Cameron’s claims of being “out of the danger zone” seem “very hollow”. Cameron went on about something called the Work Programme and said claimants were down and vacancies were up.

Miliband (reverting to his bunged-up “Choones” voice) said that …

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  • User AvatarSimon Wilson 1st Jun - 2:37am
    Richard Underhill Many Liberal Democrats are members of the Alliance Party and vice versa
  • User AvatarMichael Bukola 1st Jun - 12:07am
    As politicos, we should confront but not over promise. You cannot extinguish racism in a free society. There is no vaccine for racism. This is...
  • User AvatarFSPeople 31st May - 11:49pm
    John Marriott "What you are effectively saying is that those of us, who have gone by the rules, are fools." You appear to holding to...
  • User AvatarCaron Lindsay 31st May - 11:34pm
    This is utterly beautiful. So well produced. I am as heathen as they come, but I love this hymn and I think Stu and alll...
  • User AvatarGeoffrey Payne 31st May - 11:10pm
    I do not know who he votes for but it is refreshing to have in the media a conviction liberal (albeit a small 'l' liberal)....
  • User AvatarMartin 31st May - 11:08pm
    I agree with Paul Barker and Alex Macfie (no surprise there). Liberals have never argued for equidistance between Left and Right, we have placed ourselves...